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Talked Republicans right out of office

Talking heads of CTR (Conservative Talk Radio) are really tripping. They are trying to convince their listeners that liberals are attacking the content of their programs. Airwaves are filled with talking heads ranting and raving about something called the Fairness Doctrine.  It is their position that liberals are trying to re-institute what they deem is an obstruction to free speech. President Regan’s administration removed a policy/rule that implied media broadcasts should have a sense of balance.  Conservatives saw its removal as a victory and begin to act accordingly. CTR started slowly, but gained momentum when the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz, O’Riley, and a host of other talking heads joined in daily barrages of virtually useless banter.

What is CTR anyway? Is it entertainment or a political wing of the Republican Party? I have often wondered why the many thousands of hours devoted to pushing the agenda of The Republican Party and its candidates should not have a dollar value directly related to the candidates and or party. Republicans get untold millions of dollars in free campaign advertisement each election cycle without having to contribute one single dime to the effort.   This is one of the reasons why it has so much influence in the Republican Party.  CTR was instrumental in Republicans losing the House, Senate and eventually the White House.  I am hesitant to reveal what took place. However, for the good of this nation, I feel it is necessary.

  1. CTR jocks gave several reasons why many young people supported Obama and not McCain. The real reasons are simple! When the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz, O’Riley and other mouth-pieces of the Republican party made assertions, young folks took the time to look for information that either supported or disproved what CRT alleged.  Many young folks were reading and surfing the Internet for information while their parents and grandparents glued themselves to radio stations pushing CTR entertainment. Lets not forget the millions glued to Fox News Channel.
  2. CTR spent too much time preaching about how their medium was under attack by liberals. Anyone that has followed CTR for several years know who and what has really been constantly under attack. The mere fact that many of these talking heads invoked the name of God as they went about the business of spouting untruths, innuendos, and inflammatory rhetoric turned many people off-especially young people. Some older Republicans, who shape their lives around the teachings of the bible, could not bring themselves to support something that was contrary to how they think Christians should behave. 
  3. The selfishness and greedy platform supported and championed by CTR turned many people away from the Republican Party. CTR folks, for some selfish reason, thought listeners, under their influence would support the Republican Party no matter what direction it took. Wrong?
  4. CTR underestimated the impact their constant disparaging remarks about how unlearned people are, who attend public schools. This assertion had a chilling affect on the public-especially young folks and many parents of American solders. Imagine for a moment, young American Solders in a battle zone, hearing Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz and the likes telling them how stupid they are because they attended public school.  Talk about an insult to the tenth degree!  Not one of these talking head spent one hour serving the country they claim to love so much.
  5. CTR’s Continued claims that Iraq had stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction even after it was generally proved the assertion was wrong mystified many of their loyal listeners.   President Bush, himself, said the US did not find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  One has to ask why CTR continued to make the claim.  Was it a calculated risk to inflame and deliberately misinform their listeners?

Is it possible CTR makes the claim of stupidity and ignorance against people who attend public school based on the fact how easily CTR jocks bamboozle them? Does the mere fact that most of their loyal listeners support and believe everything they say, give credibility to their allegations that publicly educated people are not well learned? It is certainly plausible for CTR jocks to think that the people, who make them rich, doing what they do and buying what they sell in totality, must not be too smart.

As more people start to pay more attention to what CTR is saying and question what it stands for, CTR must take the conservation elsewhere. This is where the fairness doctrine comes into play. According to CTR definition, I have liberal leanings. Having said that, I would not support any medium with liberal leanings that remotely resembles CTR programming. One destructive, divisive and polarizing outlet is enough. In fact, it, by itself, is too much. Factor in 24-hour sports programming, and we have nothing but entertainment all day long. It is extremely important that people get away from constant entertainment-especially now. These are terrible times and deserve careful and deliberate conversation- with substance, and clear factual meaning flowing over the airwaves.

Conservative Talk Radio Talked all right! It talked the Republican Party right out of office and will continue to keep the party out of office, until the Party of Lincoln distance themselves from this scourge of incivility and divisiveness. The rapacious behavior of those involved in Conservative Talk Radio deserves more scrutiny-scrutiny by the Republican Party. Left to its own devices, it is recklessness in what it promulgates. It did what Democrats could not do–weaken the Republican Party to the extent it could not retain control of either House or the President. Many on the Left suggest ignoring CTR.  Left alone, it will eventually self-destruct under its own weight.


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