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The inner workings of Conservative Talk Radio 

CRT, an acronym for Conservative Talk Radio in this article. Has adequate time been devoted to taking an in-depth look into the workings of CTR? What motivates people to buy the stuff these folks sell? Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz, and a host of up, and coming talking heads, through hook and crook, have convince their loyal listeners and followers that all kinds of ill fortunes will befall all who do not follow and adhere to their logic. When will one of their loyal followers ask a CTR jock why he or she is blessed to be better learned and smarter than the average person is? Other questions come to mind. In what way are CTR jocks different, so superior brainpower and the ability to discern fact from fiction, naturally flow their way? What draws people with superior knowledge, intellect and wisdom to talk radio jock jobs? Is superior knowledge and comprehension a reality or have their listeners elevated them to this pedestal?

If one listens carefully to most of what CTR jocks talk about, it is apparent that most of what they say is nothing but pseudoinformation.   Pseudoinformation is information that is apparent rather than useful. CTR fill the airwaves with this stuff. CTR jocks know exactly what to say to arouse their audiences. Affirmative action is a big one. Never mind the fact that most who call their shows lamenting about affirmative action have not lost a job because of it, nor do they know anyone who has lost a job because of it. It plays well and deflects conversation from real issues.

If one defines CTR for what it really is (propaganda) rather than entertainment, people are apt to make an effort to differentiate between verifiable assertions and an outright lie. Many CTR jocks make statements filled with abstractions and are very subjective.  If one takes the time to sort through and dissect most of what CTR jocks say, most of it deserves little serious attention and the word frivolous comes to mind. Listening to it continually is a waste of time-time better utilized in a more productive manner.

CTR has devised and perfected ways of polarizing people.  Polarization, utilizing misinformation is what fuels their medium. Programming designed to divide people along racial, economic, gender, political affiliation are some of the wedges utilized by CTR jocks.  Much of what they say is extremely caustic and designed to aggravate, provoke and arouse suspicion in people that generally follow conservative philosophy. CTR preys on the most susceptible essence of man-fear of the unknown. I go back to my original assertion. How does CTR jocks know; yet their audience does not know? Why are CTR jocks so well informed, while their listeners are so ill informed?  CTR jocks know most of their loyal listeners spend several hours each day listening intently, to what jocks say and do not bother to seek information elsewhere. Armed with this fact, CTR jocks know they can get away with saying almost anything with impunity because they know their followers will not challenge it.

Another obvious thing that attracts talking heads to CTR programming is money-plain and simple. Preying on ignorance, stupidity and an unwillingness to seek the truth pays extremely well. Most that pursue this medium make a darn good living-a good living preying on those who can ill afford to dole out money to CTR talking heads.   Ignorance, stupidity and an unwillingness to seek truth is fertile ground for Conservative Talk Radio. 

Many people-devout supporters of CTR are among those who now find themselves jobless, penniless, and soon to be homeless. One would think CTR, purported to have the best interest of these folk in mind would spend some quality time telling their loyal listeners and followers how to find another job, keep their homes and feed their children.  However, they prefer to spend their time fostering more trepidation, and disenchantment among the very people making them rich. 

Riches and notoriety have made CTR jocks heartless and with little regard for the well being of anyone else. You hear it as they brag about owning homes in Florida, New York, airplanes, motor homes, mansions, and mega-million contracts.   In some ways, I put them in the same category as some ministers of mega churches. Both say just keep supporting me by buying my books, tuning into my program and supporting to me in other ways and you will eventually get your reward.  Just keep working hard and contributing.



February 8, 2009 - Posted by | Conservative Talk Radio, Hannity & Boortz, Limbaugh, Media

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