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Trickle down my foot

Trickle up economics


Who coined the following?

The essence of propaganda consists in winning over an idea so sincerely, so vitally, that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never escape from it.

Propaganda is not an end in itself, but a means to and end. If the means achieves the end then the means is good.

Joseph Goebels, august propagandist for the Adolph Hitler regime and famed for winning over the German people with his rhetoric is the author of the remarks.  When one listens to CTR (Conservative Talk Radio) you are constantly reminded of how this nation flourished economically under the Regan administration. These talking heads constantly hammer into the heads of their avid listeners that Regan’s trickle down economics was a great success story and everyone from top to bottom gained under his administration. Great propaganda, wouldn’t you say?

CTR purposely leaves out what actually trickled down during the Regan administration. Actually something did trickle down to the middle and low income folks-misery and a widening gap between them and those that were suppose to trickle down some wealth and share some of the gains! Maybe President Regan forgot to tell the folk who were getting rich on his watch to open their pocket books and let a few dollars trickle down. As a result, the chasm between the very rich and those of the middle class and low income widened.  Little George( President George Bush II,) following in the footsteps of his father and President Regan,  not to be outdone, further loosened oversight over most agencies charged with overseeing our economic system. As a result, pandemonium in our capitalistic system has ensued. The statement, Fox guarding the henhouse comes to mind. The American people have been led to believe that the folks running our capitalistic system are good, moral and hard working folks who are just trying to make an honest living. Americans have been told that these folks need very little oversight and intervention by the government leads to unnecessary costs, bureaucracy and unnecessary meddling in private businesses.  Americans have been told about the efficiency of the private sector and how it gets things done much cheaper than the government.

My question is; if the private sector has all of the answers and everything it needs to be self-sufficient, why is it calling on the government to bail them out at taxpayers’ expense? Why can’t private businesses, needing capital, go to other private businesses and get it? The answer is simple-they want the government to stand aside and let them screw things up. They see the government as a source of capital when private entities are not willing to risk their money. 

This trickle down economics trick  might be a hard-sell to more Americans if CTR did not paint such a wonderful picture of the impact it has on this nation. The current crop of Joseph Goebels of this world (Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz), and other talking heads have sold the American people a pig in a poke.  How in the world can they continue to paint a rosy picture of this trickle down economics way of doing business when anyone other than a blind person can see that it does not work?  CTR continues to blame organized labor for much of the ills of our economy. Never mind that there is little organize labor in the private sector. In 2007 organized labor represented only 7.5% of  the private sector workforce.   Not once have I heard them make a serious issue of greed playing a part. Greedy and unethical CEOS have made a shamble of the private sector and it appears the talking heads of CTR think what is constantly perpetrated on Americans is just fine because it is just another indication of the wealth you can amass if you work hard enough. I guess getting rich by hook and crook, including swindling people out of their life-savings is just fine as long as you work hard devising and implementing the swindle.

What we have in place now is trickle up economics. Taxpayers, footing the bill to bail out Wall Street, do not have a choice in the matter. We have been told, we are going to take your money and loan it to the banks and Wall Street. You may eventually get your money back-no assurances. Trickle up economics seems to be working just fine. The government recently trickled up 700 billions dollars taken from many have nots and passed on to many already awash in money.


February 6, 2009 - Posted by | borrowing money, Conservative Talk Radio, Failed economic poicy, Greed, Hannity & Boortz, Limbaugh, Politics, Taxpayer bailouts, Trickle up economics, wealth redistribution

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  1. Who cares if the chasm widened? Everyone prospered. This bailout it a JOKE! Anyone who supports it doesn’t know a single thing about economics…

    Comment by smellytourist | February 6, 2009 | Reply

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