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I keep looking for signs indicating Obama’s election is ushering new attitudes in this nation. Sure, it is early and he has been President for less than a month. However, it is never too early to change our behavior. One thing for sure, many in the banking business, are conducting business as usual. They are still handing out large bonuses while their institutions are losing huge sums of money and asking for and getting huge sums of money from taxpayers.  Responsibility, shame and ethical behavior have been replaced with greed, insensitivity and irresponsibility.  One has to question what drives the current uncaring, insensitive and greedy behavior that is so prevalent in banking. As a matter of fact, it is prevalent in most businesses where huge amounts of money are in play. Especially discouraging and perplexing is the fact that, according to many, this nation isbuilt on a Christian foundation. This notion suggests it was built on goodness, fairness, equality and a genuine concern for one’s fellowman. As you look around can you truly say those in power in our economic system are acting as one would expect Christians to behave?  The glue that holds the foundation of this nation together is fairness. The fairness doctrine is slowly being replaced with an attitude of; I get all I can, no matter how it impacts others.

I cringe when I hear those in the banking business trying to justify handing out large bonuses while the very taxpayers they are getting bailout money from are taking cuts in pay. Of course, the talking heads on Conservative Talk Radio spend time justifying the bonuses. Why in the world do some people feel some folks deserve millions for their efforts, while other does not even deserve a livable wage?  Think about it-when a raise was proposed in the minimum wage, many on the right threw a fit. They said a raise would cause small businesses to shut their doors. What has brought on this lack of concern for those in this nation that has the least? Surely those at the top can live on a little less so those at the bottom and in the middle are not constantly squeezed out of the little they have. The latest fiasco in the banking business shows just how out of touch these folks are. Surely they did not take a minute to consider how the public feels about tax dollars being used to give them bonuses, or maybe they just didn’t give a damn about how the public feels. At some point those in the banking business will have to pay their dues. How they will pay is uncertain, but they will pay.


January 30, 2009 - Posted by | borrowing money, Greed, Taxpayer bailouts, wealth redistribution

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