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As the US and much of the world plunges into an unmistakable recession, some folks are wondering why it took so long for folks in high places in government to acknowledge said fact. It is now generally acknowledges that a recession has been in place for at least a year. Only an eternal and totally blind idealist could have failed to see what has taken place, economically in the world for more than a year.  One has to question what the current administration, congress and the Federal Reserve hoped to gain by painting a false picture of what was actually taking in the world of economics for more than two years.  One must question how they managed to pull the wool over the eyes of so many people for such a long period. Many people feel they were aided and abetted by CTR (Conservative Talk Radio.) Hannity, Boortz, Limbaugh, and other CTR talking heads were instrumental in painting a false picture of what was actually taking place in the job market, housing market and the general state of the economy. Through sheer saturation of the airwaves with a well-oiled propaganda machine, they convinced most of their loyal listeners that all was well. Their programming was flooded with assertions that the US economy was in excellent shape, right up until the time the lie could no longer be supported.   Is it plausible they were instructed to broadcast false information? Did they make the decision to paint a false picture of the state of the economy on their own? If so, what did they hope to gain?

The actual state of the US economy can no longer be hidden from the public. If a more factual portrayal had been put before US citizens and the rest of the world a couple of years ago, corrective actions could have been taken before things got so bad. This nation and the world is now reaping the benefits of making economic decisions based of false information. How many times will the public be hoodwinked before they get more involved in the politics of this nation? The Iraq war was started based on false information.  Is it plausible the public will get more involved in the management of government affairs at all levels? After all, many will have plenty of time to do just that, since the unemployment roles are growing in leaps and bounds and people have time on their hands.

Are we as a people prepared to deal with the impending crisis facing this nation as people were during the depression of the late 20’s and early 30’s? Are the mental and physical toughness and the idea of one for all and all for one, still in place? Is the majority willing to sacrifice, support and assist their neighbors with time, money and effort? How does this square with the constant banter of individuality preached by CTR mouth pieces? Can we put aside selfishness and greed long enough assist those in need? If this nation is willing to commit the blood of its young men and women on foreign soil to spread our ideas about freedom, surely if can put aside its differences long enough to get beyond the current and sure to come worsening economic crisis.


January 25, 2009 - Posted by | Failed economic poicy, Taxpayer bailouts, World Affairs

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