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In his writing, Discourse on inequality, Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), coined the following: As long as men united together look upon themselves as a single body, they have but one will relating to the common preservation and general welfare. Then all the energies of the state are vigorous and simple; its maxims are clear and luminous; there are no mixed contradictory interests; the common prosperity shows itself everywhere, and requires good sense to be appreciated. Peace, union, and equality are enemies of political subtleties. Upright and honest men are difficult to deceive, because they are not cunning enough to be dupes…

But when the social knot begins to relax, and the state to weaken, when individual interest commence to be felt, and small societies to influence the great, the common interests changes and finds opponents, unanimity no longer rules in the suffrages; the general will is no longer the will of all; contradictions and debate arise, and the best counsel does not prevail without dispute.

Finally, when the state, near its fall, exists only by a vain and illusory form; when the social tie is broken in all hearts; when the vilest interests flaunt boldly in the sacred name of public welfare, the general will become silent; all being guided by secret motives think no more like citizens than if the state had never existed, iniquitous decrees are passed falsely under the name of law, which have for object individual interest only.

Does it follow that the general is annihilated or corrupted? For it is always constant, inalterable, and pure; but subordinated to others which overbalance it. Each in detaching his interest from the common interest sees he cannot separate it entirely; but his part of the public misfortune seems nothing to him compared to the exclusive good he thinks he has appropriated to himself. This particular good excepted, he desires the general well being for his own interest as strongly as any other. Even in selling his vote for money he has not extinguished in himself, the general will-he eludes it.

According to Rousseau what is taking place in America, is nothing new. Is America coming apart at the seams due to self-interest? Has self-interest replaced common good? Are there forces within our shores whose main interest is to create unrest, discord, doubt and divisiveness and partake of the spoils?

Take some time and listen to what many radio stations broadcast. These stations devote hour after hour promoting the myth that individual efforts-not individuals doing things together for the common good formed this nation. It is easy to say radio stations do not necessarily support those who opine on their stations and are express opinions not necessarily those of the station. The sheer number of hours devoted to those espousing individuality suggests otherwise.

Is it wise for communication outlets, especially radio to constantly fill the airwaves with chatter designed to shape opinions and deter right thinking? How is it possible for Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) to control the minds of so many people? By what method have they so easily highjacked the minds of so many folks? This mind control thing has many faces. Fear is what is controlling the thought-process of many Americans. The current economic situation makes it easy for CTR to prey on these fears. Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz and other talking heads make a good living taking advantage of these fears.  Their latest choice of fears is the redistribution of wealth. Any suggestion of taking people money and sharing it with others is a cause for alarm.  CTR knows this and feed their listeners huge doses of insinuations, lies and what ifs, regarding wealth redistribution.  Many of their listeners, ill-prepared to intellectually defend themselves, fall victim to this onslaught.  Others, who once had the capacity to judge and question what they hear on talk radio, have lost the will to seek information for decision-making from other quarters. CTR jocks understand this all to well, and prey on the uninformed, lazy and easily influenced.

In his writings regarding the progress of the human mind, Condorcet spoke of equality of instruction. He surmised that a people taught the right subjects and the mode of inculcating them, the entire mass of a people may be instructed in every thing necessary for the purpose of domestic economy; for the transactions of their affairs; for free development of their industry and their faculties; for the knowledge, exercise and protection of their rights; for a sense of their duties, and the power of discharging them; for the capacity of judging both their own actions, and the actions of others, by their own understanding; for the acquisition of all the delicate or dignified sentiments that are an honour to humanity; for freeing themselves from a blind confidence in those they entrust the care of their interests, and the security of their rights; for choosing and watching over them, so as no longer be the dupes of those popular errors that torment and way-lay the life of man with superstitious fears and chimerical hopes; for defending themselves against prejudices by the sole energy of reason; in fine, for escaping from the delusions of imposture, which would spread snares for their fortune, their health and freedom of opinion and of conscience under the pretext of enriching, of healing and saving them…… Condorcet is saying, get an education in the right subject matter so you can think for yourself. In other words, so you do not become Hannitized.


December 31, 2008 - Posted by | Conservative Talk Radio, Hannity & Boortz, Limbaugh, Media, Politics

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