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Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox Cable have abandoned the Liberal Tax and Spend drumbeat. Why were these allegations abandoned? The Bush administration blessed this nation with a huge increase in spending, and national debt. CTR and Fox, through unrelenting attacks, convinced their devoted listeners these things would only happen under a liberal (democratic) administration. The bush administration made liars out of all of them. Not to be outdone, CTR and Fox bragged about how well the economy was doing. They bragged about how many jobs were created by the Bush administration. They deliberately failed to tell their listeners what kinds of jobs were created, how much they were paying, and if they were full or part-time jobs.  When the job creation declaration lost its flavor, they went looking for something else, or someone else to blame for the economic problems facing this nation. When the housing bubble burst, CTR and Fox placed the blame for the sagging economy on the less-fortunate getting loans they could not afford to repay. This assertion is less than factual. They are currently blaming labor unions for the automobile manufactures increased indebtedness.  A well-known Japanese auto manufacturer released figures recently, showing their sales down by 25percent. This is a non-union company. Should it cut wages and salaries so it can lower the cost of its automobiles? Surely lower costing automobiles will cause a surge in the market.

People are waiting to see whom they blame for causing all of the greed, and shady dealings that runs rampant in the stock market and government and banking industry.  Will CTR and Fox find a way to cover the butts of conservatives and blame it on those liberals, and present this to their loyal and unquestioning listeners? Will they for once, tell their listeners the truth?  We had better wake up and get our news and information elsewhere, if these folk do not bless us with the truth. We can ill-afford to make decisions based on what CTR and Fox are telling the public. As you listen to them talking about wealth redistribution, do you wonder why people with huge sums of money are not yelling about it. Do you wonder why the likes of Bill Gates and Ted Turner are not worried about it? If they are not worried, with their billions, how has CTR and Fox managed to convince you that you are going to have to share your pittance. Many talk radio listeners do not have anything to redistribute. Stop letting these folks fool you with their scare-tactics. I will admit, most of them have a little something to share. Think about the millions you bless them when you buy their unenlightening books. Maybe some of you could drop Limbaugh, Hannity and Boortz a few lines asking for a few of your dollars back. No doubt, some of you need it since you are unemployed, in debt and cannot make your house note; while they live among the rich.


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December 26, 2008 - Posted by | Conservative Talk Radio, Failed economic poicy, Hannity & Boortz, Limbaugh, Politics, wealth redistribution

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