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Just how stupid are we?

Just how stupid are we?


People, especially those who derive most if not all of their news and information from the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh, Boortz, Fox Cable and the likes are outraged about the alleged Obama plan to redistribute wealth. . Armed with these supposidly facts, they have derived from these mediums, many are on the Obama redistribution of the wealth bandwagon. Pray tell me why these same folks are ignoring the 700 billion dollar redistribution of taxpayer dollars to the banking industry? Why did they ignore the massive redistribution of wealth perpetrated on Americans brought on by the huge hike in fuel costs?  Why do talking heads on fox and Conservative talk radio have so little to say about the billions stolen on Wall Street? The recently exposed pyramid scheme that took billions from some people and redistributed some of it to others is nothing but redistribution of wealth. One would think self-proclaimed pundits of wealth would surely see the huge amount of wealth redistribution the above-mentioned businesses have brought to bear on millions of Americans. 

There is one simple reason why CTR (Conservative Talk Radio) hosts have so little to say about the unimaginable amount of wealth stolen each day from the average American and passed on the rich-they would have to criticize themselves.  In addition, they would have to redefine wealth redistribution.  All you hear from these folks is the idea that hard work and creativity will eventually make one rich.  Never will even one of them use the statement-gain your wealth legally. Therein lies the problem.  Not one of them has made a case against stealing from others with the pen.  They will rant and rave about a stickup artist taking a few bucks, but have little to say about the billions, maybe trillions stolen each year by white-collar criminals. Billions of taxpayers’ dollars have been stolen in the Iraq and Afghan war. Have you heard the mouthpieces of the conservative party (CTR) make any inquiries into the matter? 

The mere fact that white-collar crime is so rampant in the US, yet ignored by CTR lends credence to the argument that this medium supports the continued flow of wealth to the fortunate few at the top.  One of their favorite arguments is what percentage of US taxes top income earners pay. No one ever wonders aloud why a few people at the top have so much of this nation’s wealth. Do not tell me they earned it. If a company is making a product or providing a service and losing money, how can a CEO say he is earning his salary? Is he tasked with see the company loses money. Is this how his effectiveness is measured?   It is time for more Americans to seek sources other than talk radio and fox cable for facts before swallowing the Obama wealth redistribution allegation.






December 24, 2008 - Posted by | Conservative Talk Radio, Hannity & Boortz, Limbaugh, wealth redistribution

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