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I chuckle as I listen to CTR Jocks (Conservative Talk Radio) ranting and raving about people with Liberal leanings wanting to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine in the media. These purveyors of untruths, half-truths and outright propaganda of an unimaginable magnitude are trying to convince their loyal listeners that their news source is about to be compromised by left-leaning folks-folks determined to have a say in what is heard on CTR programs. As one listens to the response CTR jocks get from their listeners, it is apparent many listeners are swallowing the bait, completely.

Has it ever occurred to loyal CTR listeners that these talking heads only aim is to make sure they do not lose a loyal following that provides them lucrative incomes for doing absolutely nothing of significance? Can you imagine any of them trying and succeeding in getting a real job that will compensate them as they currently enjoy? CTR jocks have a good thing and they know it. They see talk radio as the goose that layed the golden egg.  In keeping with the way they have gotten many loyal listeners, they are resorting to fear tactics. CTR jocks, with moderate success, have scared many loyal listeners. They suggest they will have to share airtime with people whose ideas and beliefs are in direct conflict with what their audiences need to hear.  In a round-about way, they are telling their listeners the following” you do not need to hear anything that challenges our positions. We do not wish to defend our position against opposite opinions. We give you all the information you need to make any decision you are contemplating.  Just listen to what we say and no one else. You need to see it this way, because this is the way we see it.”

People loyal to CTR blindly follow the teachings of these jocks. Hannity, Limbaugh, Boortz, Ingram and a host of lesser-known talking heads, have had their way with their audiences for a very long time and now feel threatened. They feel threatened, not by the Fairness Doctrine, but by the loss of influence and domination of a segment of American media. Conservative Talk Radio has a machine in place designed to tear down one political party while building up the other one. If CTR jocks were  really concerned about the well being of this nation, they would gladly present a more balanced programming, without being forced to do so. Those of the liberal persuasion would probably spend more time listening to CTR if they felt there was a semblance of balance in the programming.

Conservative Talk Radio host took a lot of credit for getting George Bush elected president of the United States two times. They felt they were especially instrumental in getting him re-elected in 04. Armed with this sense of political influence, they set out to shape the agenda for the 08 elections.  CTR viewed Hilary Clinton as the more formable opponent a republican opponent would have to face in 08.  CTR jocks started to hammer on Clinton as soon as the 04 elections were over. Remember the Stop the Hilary campaign? People who swallowed the daily swill poured into their troughs by CTR must share some of the blame for what happened during the election cycle. Many thought the daily deluge of undignified diatribe aim at Hilary was funny.  CTR listeners are culpable because they never made any real effort to challenge what jocks were saying about Hilary.

These talking heads felt Hilary would be the toughest opponent to tear down and devoted many hours doing just that. They enlisted the services of hit man Dick Morris, a use-to-be friend of the Clintons. Dick had lots of disparaging remarks to say about Hilary and probably helped tear her imagine down with CTR listeners.  While the Stop Hilary campaign was going on, Obama was putting together a campaign that talk radio was giving little attention. When CTR felt they had sufficiently damaged Hilary’s campaign boat to the point where it was sinking, they turned their attention to Obama. Guess what-too late. The boat had already left the dock.

Conservative Talk Radio jocks will not admit they helped the Republican Party lose the White House and other houses. However, not admitting it does nothing to change the facts. More than one Republican politician suggested talk radio needed to be looked into.

It would be nice if those who supported talk radio for many years would say to these jocks” Get off your butts and get a real job! Stop leeching off hard working Americans. Start producing something of substance.”


November 27, 2008 - Posted by | Conservative Talk Radio, Hannity & Boortz, Limbaugh, Media, Politics

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