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Listening to Conservative Talk Radio, (CTR,) one would think that, on November 4, 2008, America was invaded, an insurrection took place, or the duly elected President was deposed. Many loyal CTR listeners are talking about arming themselves. People are talking about buying many guns and laying in an abundance of ammunition. Guns and ammunition sales are actually increasing.  Seems the election of Obama brought out the best in some people, while exposing lots of anxiety and the worst, in others. Talking heads, of CTR are planting ideas in the heads of their loyal listeners and followers that fosters, and encourages suspicion and anxiety. People calling these shows are careful to avoid saying why there is a need for lots of arms. However, we know why! The reason is clear to any right thinking individual.  They are suggesting Obama’s election gives cause for blacks to go out and do stupid things. CTR encourages this thinking. One has to wonder what they think whites that voted for Obama will do, now that he won the election.  They are still singing the same old tune about the second amendment being under attack. How many years have they been singing this same tune?  

Listening to CTR jocks one has to wonder what they are smoking. Will they ever realize the information they disseminated, for the last seven plus years, contributed mightily to the economic crises this nation and the world faces. These folks are more than a little culpable for spreading lies and proclaiming them as truths, put forth by the current administration. Let us not forget the talking points allegation. It was alleged that the Whitehouse sent talking points to select CTR jocks for dissemination to the public.

Neil Boortz, a local longtime Atlanta Georgia based radio Jock, with a show, which runs for four and a half hours, Monday thru Friday on WSB, a local Atlanta station and many others scattered across this nation, suggested people should remove their wealth from the United States to keep Obama from seizing it. To bad, there is no penalty for spreading false rumors to the determent of this nation.

CTR is now saying Obama administration will attempt to revive the fairness doctrine. Simply put, there was a time when both sides of an issue were supposed to get equal time on the airwaves. At some point, it may have been during the Regan administration, the fairness doctrine was removed. If one listens to talk radio, it is apparent the conservative view gets the most air time. The very fact they do, led to the meltdown of the Republican Party. CTR did irreparable harm to the party by forcing it to take positions unsustainable and harmful to the party. CTR bragged about the large number of jobs created by the current administration, while most of the public knew otherwise. CTR hosts keeps giving kudos to the current administration for how its tax cuts helps, as the nation fights two wars and pile up massive debt

People eventually saw through the facade thrown up by CTR as it continued to paint a glossy picture of how this nation was faring economically. Once the veneer was removed-the false hype exposed, people began to pay more attention to what CTR was putting out on the airwaves. CTR, once famous for not allowing dissenting opinions to get much play on their programs, can no longer shout their opponents down. Refusing airtime to those of a different persuasion no longer works.  The internet takes care of that.  CTR was foolish to think it could control the minds of all of its listeners forever.  If anyone in the incoming administration is seriously considering reinstating the fairness doctrine, please reconsider. Obama could not have won the election without them. They probably unknowingly convinced millions of people it was prudent to support Obama and his ideas, and not McCain. So leave things as they are. The Democratic Party will need CTR in future elections. Remember the old adage: Fool some of us all the time: fool all of us some of the time: but never all of us all of the time.  


November 13, 2008 - Posted by | Conservative Talk Radio, Hannity & Boortz, Limbaugh, Media, Obama/McCain, Politics

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