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If there is no justice in you, someone will do justice unto you.  The just concluded presidential election validates this assertion.  The all-out campaign by CTR. (Conservative Talk Radio) and Fox News cable channel to dictate who would face the Republican nominee for president simply backfired and imploded. The wheels came off! The talking heads on these outlets implemented what they called the Stop the Hillary Campaign.  They figured John McCain could not defeat Hilary, but could defeat her opponent, Obama.  Well, guess what, they were wrong.

What went wrong?  They left the average American voter out of the equation. They thought they had their finger on the pulse of this nation base on the feedback they were getting from their dedicated and consistent listeners. They forgot that most American do not listen to them and do not follow their logic-lockstep.  In addition, many of their loyal listeners got tired of the same old divisive and hateful rhetoric flooding the airwaves on a daily basic. Problem is, these folks neglected to tell them they were tired of it, until it was too late.

They never in their wildest dream thought the average American could see through Fox News cable channel thinly veiled claim of being fair and balanced. The mere fact they make this claim was enough to convince many voters they were not serious. It took a while for this to soak in. however, it soaked in just at the right time. The Limbaughs, Hannitys and Boortzs of this world whose main claim to notoriety is a gift for gab and little else have had their day and should go quietly into the sunset. They have gotten rich, while producing absolutely nothing of value to Americans. That is, unless you value divisiveness. The simple fact that many Americans felt they were sold a bill of goods about the Iraq war and the state of our economy for several months was enough to put a sour taste in the mouths of many. Top this off with the revelation that President Bush called CTR folks to the Whitehouse for a special meeting and told them not to make public the content of the meeting raised suspicion. This stipulation was very puzzling and disconcerting.

In times like this, there is the urge to celebrate. However, there is little time for celebration. What is there to celebrate? Should we celebrate the fact that a man has been elected to take on and fix problems of a magnitude in this nation unseen since the depression of 1929? Can we celebrate the fact that this same man has been elected to get this nation out of two wars? Can we celebrate the fact that this man has the unenviable task of fixing our health and social security systems? The answer is an emphatic no! The work has just started. The number of problems facing this nation, including two wars, the looming recession and possible depression, massive debt, Wall Street and banking meltdowns and the credit crisis leaves little time to stop and smell the roses. 

Finally, Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz and other lesser known CTR folks (Conservative Talk Radio) hosts and the Fox News cable channel deserves a special award for helping Obama defeat McCain.






November 6, 2008 - Posted by | Media, Obama/McCain, Politics

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