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Good old stock market! It wasn’t too long ago, conservative talk show hosts (CTR) were clamoring for the Federal government to put a portion, or all of Social Security funds into the stock market. Old Wise Ones of the conservative persuasion were determined to use their influence and arm-twist congress into putting Social Security funds into the stock market. Aren’t you glad some in congress were wise enough to resist the temptation to yield to the demands of CTR and those in congress who supported the idea of privatizing Social Security? One Atlanta based CTR talk show host has made a good living pushing the idea of tax reform and privatization of Social Security.  Now that the stock market is falling and retirements have lost two, I repeat, two trillion dollars thus far, not one of the CTR talking heads have admitted the idea of privation of Social Security was not such a good idea after all. People, this is one of the main things plaguing this nation. People are fed a steady dosage of opinions by talking heads-opinions based sorely on political leanings rather than facts. These same folks are looking for ratings, influence peddling and making money while producing absolutely little of value.

I cringe when I hear these folks attempting to blame the current market meltdown on unqualified people in certain areas getting home loans. As I drive throughout Metro Atlanta, I see entire subdivisions apparently abandoned in all stages of incompletion. One has to wonder if low income people are building these subdivisions. I see subdivisions with completed homes totally unoccupied. I really do not think low income people got loans necessary to build these homes. The same applies to Strip malls-construction was started and abandoned due to funding problems. Trust me, low income folks are not the ones that got the loans to build these strip malls.

How long will the public allow talk radio, liberal and conservative to shape the discourse of this nation? CTR is especially troubling because many markets are saturated with the constant barrage of half-truths, insinuations, and outright lies coming from this medium. Some continue to argue that CTR (Conservative Talk Radio) is in place to offset the biases of traditional news outlets. Will someone please make a genuine comparison between CTR and traditional radio?  Display the number of hours CTR devotes to pushing a conservative agenda, and hour by hour, compare the hours traditional radio spends pushing a liberal agenda. The numbers aren’t even close. CTR was the main impetus behind privatization of Social Security gaining momentum and traction. These same folks continue to feed their listening audience meals laden with little substance.

Talk radio can do a great service to this nation. They have the ears of several million Americans. Now is not the time to spew daily barrages of rhetoric designed to help one political party while injuring those politically, who have different ideas regarding how this nation should be managed. It is time they put aside their biases and work for the common good of this nation and the world. I am at a loss to understand why these folks think it is in the public’s best interest to create dissension and discord in this nation and the world. Why would they say in one instance that President Bush pushed ideas that would benefit this nation, but was stymied by democrats-indicating a president does not have unfettered power? These same folks talk as if Obama, if elected, will have the power to institute all of his proposed programs. Obama, or McCain, elected president will not have the power to impose his will upon the American public without some form of restraint.  It is in the best interest of all of us to be more open-minded about where we seek knowledge, and who we choose to believe.






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