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Gottcha Contest


Gottcha Contest


As I observe the current Presidential contest, there are times I think I am looking at a Gottcha contest.  Hour after hour of broadcast time is spent playing and replaying ads and scenes displaying both parties trying to be one-up in the Gottcha contest. One has to wonder if either party, Republican or Democratic, is capable of mounting campaigns truly deserving support. Which one can deliver on most of the things they promise? Sure, I know it is politics at its finest. However, there are times when politics for politics sakes must be put aside and straight talk becomes the language of choice. I for one am tired of the diet of rhetoric devoid of real substance; Americans are fed on a daily basic.  Listen and watch closely at what is being said by both parties. Which one is putting forth very much of anything of substance and believability regarding how they will fix the banking and mortgage problem? Which one has put forth believable numbers of jobs their plans will create and who in private industry will actually create them? Which one has dared to put a timetable on when Americans will see and feel the results of the programs they plan to institute? It is easy to make all of these promises if there are not timetables denoting when positive changes (changes for the better) are clearly distinguishable

Meanwhile, this nation continues to deteriorate in many areas. Republicans renown for preaching non-involvement in private enterprise by the US Government can only stand by and watch helplessly as the government has to bail out several private coroperations. Sadly, bailouts will have to continue, least the economic infrastructure of this nation collapses. Democrats, the party renown for supporting programs that keep people working and maintaining the Middle Class, sit back and watch helplessly as US companies move factories overseas. Both Parties appear helpless to do anything about the national debt.

If one is unaware of how our Capitalistic economy works, it is easy to make it fall flat on its face. The number one enemy of Capitalism is greed-plain and simple. Remember, Capitalism is like a three-legged stool. Shorten one leg and the stool will eventually collapse, inviting disaster. There must be a balance between Capital, Labor and the Consumer. Currently, the US economy under the manipulation of private industry has upset this balance, by constantly devising ways to reward Capital at the expense of labor and the Consumer. Labor is outsourced and Consumers are getting shoddy overpriced products. Laws designed to ensure some symbolism of fairness have been removed, all in the name of open markets. Deregulation, touted by the Republican Party with support from many Democrats, knowingly or unknowingly approved laws that virtually guaranteed destruction of the Partnership between labor, Capital and Consumers.  Which candidate has any inkling how to resurrect and put back into balance the relationship between Capital, Labor and Consumers?  Which one has the guts to tell American Corporations that to do business in these States and enjoy the protection of the US Government; they must ensure US workers not be shut out of the equation, so Capitalists can continue to pile up wealth. There is nothing wrong with making money. However, there is something wrong with making money at expense of the welfare of American workers and consumers.



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