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From who and where

Throughout the Obama Presidential campaign, the theme has been: bringing about change. The definition of change for the sake of this article is: to alter, modify, adjust, vary, transform.  Changing the way America deals with its allies, gets involved in wars and handle domestic surveillance are just some of the areas where Obama see a real need to change the way we do business. The national debt, mortgage and banking crisis, health care, and social security are other areas of concern and must be addressed. McCain has also voiced concerns about many of the problems and situations facing this nation and has proposed various changes.  Although both candidates see a need for changes, what and how the changes take place and who benefits are where they differ.

It is important that local and State concerns get the same amount of attention as national concerns. Some changes must take place at the grass root level. It is foolish to demand that McCain or whoever becomes president, address national problems, and then find the time to solve problems that can be best handled at the local level.

I listen with interest as McCain and Obama speak on the status of education in America. I am sure resolutions of many of the root causes of the demise of quality education are best left to local officials. The No Child Left Behind program instituted by the Bush Administration has not had the anticipated impact on student educational achievement.

The proliferation of gangs in neighborhoods has virtually destroyed many quality neighborhoods and their associated infrastructures.  It is akin to an implosion.  Neighborhoods are being destroyed from within. Given time, the destruction, like other plagues left to resolve themselves, will spread and eventually affect areas thought to be immune to it.   Do not expect the kind of help needed to address this problem to come from outside. Most of the resources needed to address the problem are readily available in the form of neighborhood activists getting together and demanding that those who are wreaking havoc in neighborhoods cease and desist immediately!  In many neighborhoods, we are talking about school age children seizing control while grown able-bodied people stand by apparently unwilling or unable to do anything except talk about it among themselves. What a shame. Citizens that are truly concerned for the well being of their neighborhoods must change how they feel about gangs.  They must rid themselves of this-can’t do anything about it, helpless attitude and resolve to change things for the betterment of themselves, their children and neighborhoods.

Will people sit idly by, waiting for the President of the United States to solve all of the problems facing this nation?  Will they be quick to criticize when promised jobs do not materialize, the national debt does not decline, and jobs continue to go overseas? Will they, whose candidate is elected President think all of their problems will vanish, and never to reappear? Nothing is further from the truth. History shows that power remains in the hands of a chosen few, no matter who is President.

I admonish all to do what you can to help your own situation. Do for yourself what you can do for yourself. I agree with Obama and McCain-some changes must be made. Just do not sit back and wait for either one to make all of the changes. Make some yourself that will benefit yourself, your home, your family, your community, your city, your State and eventually this Nation.


September 11, 2008 - Posted by | Obama/McCain, Politics

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