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I spoke to a young man about returning to school after summer vacation the other day. I asked if he was excited about the prospect.  He quickly answered” No.” I ask why not, His answer was simple and straight forward. “You have to work too hard.” This young man did not stop to consider the long-range implications of his attitude towards education.  After spending some time with my brother, he gave different answers to the same questions.  This illustrates the importance of thinking before you speak or act. After some discussion of possible consequences of not getting an education and how it limits and hinders one’s mobility and attainment of goals and objectives, this young fellow appears to have a change of heart. It also illustrates the importance of the child having access to someone that can make a persuasive argument in layman’s term, regarding the importance of pursuing and attaining an education.

 Getting the minimum required level of education necessary to function fairly well in today’s society becomes more difficult with each passing day. There was a time one could do fairly well with a Junior High education. Not any more. In today’s world, many who have attained a college degree struggle to find employment commensurate with their education.

Getting and education is not easy for most the majority of our children. You will find the occasional gifted ones who can breeze through most subject matter with little or no difficulty. However, the majority of our children must devote a lot of time and effort before they attain the degree of learning and understanding that truly qualifies them be promoted to a higher grade. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of the child being able to function at its grade level.  Promoting a child into a grade-level where it can barely function, (reading, writing, etc,) serves no purpose except to keep the child among its peers, age wise. It funny how parents, children and school systems have no problem placing children of different ages and sizes on the same sports teams, but take a different position on  putting them in the same class rooms to get an education. 

All we can ask of our children is that they give themselves a chance. We must demand that they do not create their own roadblocks. Life will do that for them.  We must demand that they take advantage of opportunities offered and not be side-tracked not distracted by things that hinders their growth in all respects.  We must admonish our children to go back to the books and away from the television. Spend less time on the computer. Put away the cell phone and I-pod. Finally, we must demand that they return to being children and once again, display the demeanor and disposition expected of our children.


August 13, 2008 - Posted by | Educating black children

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