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Mad as hell!

Mad about what       

Lashing out for the wrong reasons

Am I imagining things?  Do many of our youngsters display an angry look most of the time? Is the look for real or just an attempt to ape Rappers and gang bangers in terms of behavior, mindset-, way of thinking, looks and mannerism?  The look on many black youngsters faces, especially young males is extremely troublesome and must not be taken lightly. If they are truly angry, what are they angry about? What has removed smiles from their faces? Is there nothing in their young lives to smile about?

Read a newspaper, watch TV, or listen to the radio.  Each venue reveals a dismal picture of how our youngsters chose to relieve their anger. News outlets report daily outbursts of crime and mayhem perpetrated on innocent people by our angry youths.  These outbursts do nothing to resolve the anger issue. In fact, they only make matters worse. 

There is little doubt that stress induces anger in one’s life. If this fact is indisputable, then the causes of stress in our young people must be uncovered, dissected and removed where possible. There are probably instances of anger in some of our youth that society is ill equipped to deal with and resolve now.  Children, like grownups have issues in their young lives. Many are ill prepared to deal with them correctly. All who are in positions to control, correct, reprimand and discipline our children must get about the business of doing just that. For too long, we sat back and watched our children wander into an abyss with little concern where their lifestyles were taking them. Black communities are now saddled with the results of their inaction-countless thousands of angry young and not so young black men. Most communities failed to notice, or pretended not to see and admit what was slowly eroding the minds of our youths. 

Are our young people angry because they feel that their chosen lifestyle is threatened and under attack by society?  Is this outward display of anger just another way saying,” don’t mess with me and my chosen lifestyle?” Is it but another mechanism to carve out their own little space or world-A world where no one can get close enough to him or her to help them.  Are they saying to society, “I do not see a need to get this thing called education? I can make it without it. I will use my smartness and guile to get what I want and need.”

Is it possible these folks have no idea why they are angry? Has life came at them so fast and furious that they cannot not grasp nor appreciate what is necessary to have a life worth smiling about?  It is entirely possible that these youngsters are angry with themselves. How they chose to relieve this anger is the problem. Many lash out at anyone within their reach.  Some resort to guns, gangs, and the associated violence. Little do they realize that lashing out and doing harm to others does nothing to alleviate their anger.  Young folks, tell us why you are so angry. Do not give excuses why you are angry; give reasons why you are angry!


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