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The Measure of a Man

The measure of a man

The Local News in Cleveland recently broadcasted an almost unbelievable story of three young black boys (ages approximately 13thru 15) beating a homeless man to death in broad daylight, on a well-traveled street in Cleveland Ohio. What is so shocking about this story is the fact that several people witnessed this killing. Those who witnessed the killing simply slowed down to get a better look at what was taking place, and then simply drove on.  I guess all who witness the killing, and did not offer aid were women. Why do I say this-because any real man would not sit idly by and watch children, I repeat children killing someone.  This type of senseless killing and men reaction to it, happens all too often, and paints a grim picture of how black men view their role in the community. Entirely too many have no sense of their role in the community. Young black boys, realizing this fact, are totally out of hand in many communities. These boys know they can do most anything and not be challenged by our so-called men.  They know that many men of the community do not have the backbone to stand up to little boys-little boys who are not mature enough to know how to pull their pants up. 

If one takes a real good look at many of our young men, it becomes clear that many are displaying their feminine side rather than their masculine side. Bear with me for a second. Women, since the beginning of time, have accented parts of their bodies to get male attention. They fix their hair, affix jewelry and apply makeup-all with the intention of getting the attention of the opposite sex. They also do things to attract attention to other parts of the body-specifically the breast, waist and hips. Males on the other hand, physique is supposed to attract the opposite sex.  Bulging muscles and a well-proportioned body is the picture of the ideal man. Men are supposed to get dirt under their fingers and come home sweaty from a days work.

What do we have today? We have boys and men walking around accenting the very body parts that, for generations were reserved for women. When they wear their pants with the waist band down to their knees they are saying” look at my buttock. Is it attractive to you”? The same applies to the head rag bit. Of course, if you are of a mindset that you are not up to the challenge of displaying male characteristics, then displaying female attributes is a logical choice. If one does not want to assume the logical role of a male in the community, then, assuming the role and other attributes of the female is plausible.

Every effort must be made to instill in our young boys exactly what their role is in society. They must know without a doubt how they are suppose to behave and what they are suppose to be trying to accomplish in life. The same applies to our men. They must reestablish their rightful role in the community. They must get beyond the little boy, playing with toys and people lives, syndrome. Men must act respectful and demand the same from the children of the community. Men must become a total part of the family.  Women must allow men to earn and take their rightful place in homes and the community. As the males of a society goes, so goes the society.


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