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An individual by the name of Scott penned a short article titled Dedication.  The article puts into perspective the purpose of schools. The article spells out in plain English why schools exist and the role they play in the lives of children. The writer says” lets consecrate the school building.” When you consecrate something, you sanctify it. Not only do you sanctify it, you also set it a part and in some sense make it holy. Making it holy suggests purity and hallowed ground-an institution that is not to be defaced, abused or misused. Schools are to be revered-revered for what they offer our children, communities and this nation. The writer sees schools having a high and holy purpose. What is this purpose? The purpose of schools is to provide a place for our youth to gather and receive instructions in knowledge and training in virtue.  Schools are not places to just show up and spend the day doing absolutely nothing to prepare oneself for the future. Schools are places of learning-learning what one does not know and learning how to behave as one does not know how to behave.


Can one truly say our children find what they need in our schools? Are schools devoid of issues that make teaching and learning difficult? Does violence in our schools and our communities contribute to the poor academic performance of many of our kids and the schools they attend? What can and should be done to create an environment in our schools that is conducive to getting a proper and enlighten education?

Can one say without any hesitation and reservation that the majority of our children truly understand the mission of schools? Do they really understand why they are required to attend school? Judging by behavioral patterns, dress and general attitude of many kids while in school; serious questions arise why they think they are in school.

Many things are passed on in schools. Children learn from books. They also learn from observing the behavior of their teachers. Learning also takes place when children observe the interaction between parents and teachers. When children see a parent all up in the face of a teacher, it leads them to think it is acceptable behavior. The character and scholarship displayed by a teacher sets examples for kids. Given this fact, it is imperative that teachers be at their best behavior while in the presence of children.

The author summed up the article by saying the following” may these rooms always be pervaded with an invigorating atmosphere of mental and moral life, and may no child pass from these schools to higher grades or to the outer world without having been made more intelligent, more thoughtful, more courageous, more virtuous, and in every way more capable of wise and just, of useful and noble living. To this end, may the blessing of God be upon child, and parent, upon pupil and teacher, upon principal and superintendent and upon every one whose influence in any degree affect the work of education as it shall be conducted within these walls.”

Simply stated, the author is saying, and I agree whole heartedly, do not mess with our schools. Do not tinker with them in any way that will diminish their ability to train our kid in the way they should go. He further emphasized, do not let them leave the confines of these institution without learning the important things in life. Learning the ABC’s are certainly important. However, if you do not know learn to properly use gained knowledge, it is of little use.   Someone said experience gathered from books is of the nature of learning; the experience gained from actual life is the nature of wisdom; and a small store of the latter is worth vastly more than any stock of the former.

Let us put our schools and what takes place within back on the pedestals back they truly belong. We can no longer let our schools take a back seat to the teaching our kids to Hip Hop music, gangster rap and the streets. Our kids deserve better. Our schools deserve a higher place in the training and upbringing our kids.


June 16, 2008 - Posted by | Educating black children, Respecting learning Institutions

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