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Shaping the news

Shaping the news and destroying civil discourse.


I listened with great interest and with a certain amount of disgust this morning as a local talk show host declared that the current campaign for the president of the United States is filled with racial overtones. He claims he is unsure who threw the first stone. This is probably not factual. I would suggest that Conservative Talk Radio (CRT) and the Fox News cable channel have been deliberately creating an atmosphere with their programming and rhetoric that virtually assures race would become the central issue.  In the old days it was called throwing a rock and hiding your hand.

Whenever there is someone other than a white is running against a white, race becomes a factor. There is no denying this fact. The problem arises when people in positions that have the power to manipulate and persuade, imply and suggest, misuse and abuse this power. They are making a mockery of our public airwaves, and make a good living preaching racial and political party divide. They have poisoned the air between the rich and those less fortunate. They claim that hard work is all it takes to be successful and to amass wealth. Do you think that anyone can work hard enough to earn several million dollars per month?

 Sure, they want you to believe their intentions are honorable and they are just reporting what is newsworthy. If you have been listening to Conservative Talk Radio and the Fox news channel, you know both have devoted untold number of hours specifically aimed at destroying the credibility of Obama and even more time destroying the credibility of Hilary Clinton. They started beating up on Hilary the day that George Bush Took office. They made it perfectly clear their intent was to derail the Clinton run for the office of president, no matter what it took.

The radio, television and cable channels that air these kinds of programs are doing a huge disservice to this nation.  One of the local radio stations airs windbags doing their level best to influence the outcome of political races. It is especially true in the current presidential race.  With the exception of breaks for news and a consumer advisory segment, CTR talking heads consumes most of this station’s hours.  

It pains me to have to sit back and observe the damage this radio station and others like it are is doing to our people and this nation by airing the constant barrage of untruths, half-truths,  and one-sided, heavily tilted to the right, programming. I am sure that some of the programming is suppose to be entertainment. However, many of their listeners see what is preached on these outlets as news and the gospel truth. Any opposite opinion or statement of facts have to be outright lies.

We must not forget the number of hours devoted to convincing their listeners that Bush and his people statements about Saddam and his weapons of mass destruction were factual. Anyone who dared to dissent was deemed unpatriotic. Some even tossed in the word traitor for good measure.  These same folk hammered into the mind of their listeners that the Bush economic plan, complete with tax breaks was good for the economy. When people attempted to disagree, most were quickly shouted down. They are now preaching that we are no where near a recession. They say the economy is just a little weak and people, for the most part are doing quite well. Give me a break  Talk about being out of touch with reality!


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