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Walking to no where

Gotta be from out of space

Have you noticed the dramatic increase in the number of young black youths walking to and fro-apparently, with no real destination of significance? They are walking in large cities, small cities and even small towns.  Most are usually in small groups of more than two and less than six. Some are dressed in like colors with sagging pants. The age range of these youngsters covers a large spectrum. I would venture to guess they range from 12 to 18 years of age.  Where do they come from, and where are they headed?

I keep wondering-where are they going? Are they walking to school? I seriously doubt it. Are they walking to a job? Probably not. Maybe they are walking to get some exercise. What spawned this new breed of kids? For a fleeting moment, I thought many of them were trying to emulate their forefathers. After all, these folks walked an awful lot.  I keep wondering if they are offsprings of the people who walked across the Pettis Bridge on their way to Montgomery Alabama. I wonder if they are offsprings of the people who walked around Riches in Atlanta Georgia in the early sixties, singing, We shall overcome. I wonder if any of them are relatives of the young men killed in Mississippi while trying to register people to vote. Closer to home-I wonder if any of them are relatives of King George and Lillie Mae Thornton. These folks walked over three miles to work in the Wehadkee Yarn mill-summer and winter; rain or shine. King George started walking to that mill in around 1938, and did not get an automobile until around 1946 or 1947.  I wonder if any of them are relatives of the Thornton children that began walking to Rock Mills Colored School in 1944. They walked over three miles to this school. Other kids, attending this school walked twice as far.  They were walking with a purpose. They walked so future generations would never have to walk that far.

Maybe these kids are offsprings of the college kids who walked into drug stores in the Carolinas and sat down at the lunch counters. They were refused service, spat upon and insulted in every imaginable way. Is it possible this is who they are? Maybe they are related to the folks who walked to work in Montgomery Alabama during the bus boycott. I wonder if any of their relatives were on the Freedom Rider buses when they were torched in Alabama.

I am trying my best to see the relationship between our current crop of young men and those who worked so hard and risked their lives to create an environment where black men could be men and not boys, until they were old enough to be uncle.  Do you think some of them are kin to the folks who walked and sometimes ran away from the onslaught and pursuit of Bull Connors Policemen-armed with fire hoses, cattle prods and German Shepard dogs in Birmingham Alabama?

Can you imagine for one minute these kids being relatives of the folks that walked behind mules and plows in White Plains, Wehadkee, Valley, Columbus, Phoenix City, Wedowee, Camp Hill, Woodland, Waresville, Rock Mills, Tuskegee, Lagrange, Five Points Franklin, Shorter and other locals where cotton was king?

No way, any of them are even distant relatives of Dubois, Booker Washington, Martin King, Hoesa Williams, Rosa and Raymond Parks, George Washington Carver, and the likes. Many of these folks walked into the halls of justice and demanded equal treatment for all. I just cannot imagine the young men who roam our neighborhoods in little gangs, getting into all kinds of trouble and striking fear in the hearts of many, being related to any of the above mentioned folks.  I cannot imagine offsprings of the above-mentioned folks waiting for working people to leave for work and then breaking and entering the premises and taking folks belongings. I cannot envision relatives of the above-mentioned folks car-jacking folks automobiles and killing the owners in the process? People remotely related to these folks would not rob businesses and kill in the process for no apparent reason? No Way! Will some one please tell me from where these kids come?  Do you think the space shuttle bring back a load each time it makes a trip into outer space? Why do I ask? The ways many of these kids think and behave suggest they are from another planet.


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