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I told you so

I told you so

As you observe the behavior of many of our youth, can you continue to say without any reservation that my articles are too hard on them? How many of you remember an article I wrote titled Give the kids a break? I recently revisited the article and concluded that the content of this article is more on target than ever. Some people find it extremely difficult to pass judgment on themselves, their children, other relatives, and their neighborhoods. Many of my articles are not devoid of self-assessment when I compose them for The People’s Voice. If a people cannot come to grips with what is taking place within their immediate family households, neighborhoods, and cities, how can they expect outsiders to come in and assume responsibility for, and fix the problems. The responsibility for fixing problems directly linked to, and caused by said people must fall directly on their shoulders.  Sitting back and waiting for someone else to assume responsibility for correcting our problems is counter-productive, self-serving and questions our ability to manage our lives.  I am not saying a certain segment of society might not need assistance from time to time as it attempts to fix social and economic ills.  Somewhere along the line, we started thinking that giving our children more liberty to behave in a manner contrary to expected parent to child norms, family norms, neighbor norms, school norms and societal norms in general, was tolerable. It is not difficult to see what that has begot. Will someone please tell me what criterion was used to ascertain if it was wise to abandon control of our children? We now have a crop of disobedient youths, with a thuggish and gang mentality prowling neighborhoods, harassing the public, disrupting schools and generally acting like fools.  We as a people had better take a serious look at what our youth are doing to our society and themselves. Many are well on the way to destroying everything in their path. Their measure of success is unique by any stretch of imagination. Entirely too many of them think wearing their pants so underwear shows is a sign of accomplishment.  Defacing public and private property with gang graffiti is another sign of achievement. Dropping out of school and forgoing education to them is a sign of defiance and another way of being different. Playing loud, obnoxious and vulgar music for all to hear is another way many choose to show their maturity. These individuals are determined not to acquiesce to the demands of parents, schools, public safety, and society in general. They wear and flaunt their ignorance, uncouthness and generally outrageous behavior with glee and do not have a clue how their current behavior will affect their future decision-making. 

Many residents, including parents’ cringe with fear as they watch young thugs wearing gang-related clothing slowly infest and create havoc in their once peaceful, attractive and safe neighborhoods. What concerns many of us is the fact that most of the parents of these young thugs are afraid to try to do anything about it.  They are afraid of their own kids. Why do you think they allow their children to wear clothing and flash signs signifying they are part of a gang?  Why do you thing they allow their children to attend school dressed as if they are attending a freak show? I will tell you why. They are afraid to insist their children dress otherwise and do not want to hurt the children feelings a wee 1it.

Educators are supposed to teach these kids what they need, not only for advancement in society, but how to peacefully exist in society.  Educators are also tasked with the unenviable job of assisting parents in instilling in the same kids you see loitering in malls, around convenience stores and on street corners rational ways of conflict and problem-solving.

For too long, parents of these out-of-control children have overlooked their behavior.  Pretending not to see what takes place gives one a pathetic excuse for not addressing the problem. Society has not helped by not forcing parents of these kids to take corrective action.  The message we are sending our school officials goes as follows: Feed them, instill in them the discipline I am incapable of giving them at home, and if you have some time left in the day, educate them.

Folks, we are paying dearly for allowing children to take over our neighborhoods. Black men have allowed baggy pant, head rag wearing thugs (their offsprings) to usurp their authority in homes, schools and neighborhoods. Why are black men allowing children to deface neighborhoods, private and public property with gang graffiti? Talk about a sad commentary about the status of black men.  Many no longer have the guts to be what they pretend to be-Men.


March 26, 2008 - Posted by | Angry black youths, Black Youth, Educating black children

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