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Waiting for the world to change

There is a nice little tune currently playing on the airwaves titled; Waiting on the world to change. Is this in fact what entirely too many of us are doing? Those who are not waiting on the world to change are busy trying to change the world to suit their own appetite. I like what Paul Laurence Dunbar had to say about it in his writing titled My sort of man. He penned the following;

The man who simply sets and wait

For good to come along,

Ain’t worth the breath that one would take

To tell him he is wrong.

For good aint flowing round this world

For every fool to sup:

You’ve got to put your see-ers on,

An’ go and hunt it up.

Newspapers all over this nation are filled with stories of out-of-control young men senselessly killing people.  Many times the killings are actions taken to wrest control of things belonging to others. Material things such as automobiles, cell phones, money, credit cards and other valuables are used as a pretext to take a life.        How in the world has life been cheapened to this level? It is alleged that a random killing is part of some gangs’ initiations.  What are we feeding and telling our young men that has driven them to this level of senselessly and foolishly taking of lives? One has to seriously ponder if the level of violence hasn’t surpassed the level innate in a jungle setting.  It is not a stretch to say that animals use more logic when killing. Most animals kill for food and food only. Territorial disagreements are usually settled without loss of life.

Have the loss of an appetite for and an attainment of education reduced many of our young men to their lowest denominator. Has steady and unrelenting doses of Hip Hop reduced their ability to make rational decisions?   News reports about crimes and the perpetrators thereof reveal an alarming pattern. Compassion for the living has been reduced to a shadow of what it once was.  Fear of our young men has reached a level unimaginable twenty years ago. Parents are afraid of their own children. Given the number of parents killed by their own children recently, it is easy to see why they are afraid of them.

Dekalb County, a part of Metro Atlanta, recent held a televised gathering to discuss recent violence, including shootings in its schools. The County CEO, School Superintendent and Police Chief gave arousing presentations. They all spelled out in detail what they intend to do to curb violence in schools.  I kept waiting for someone representing parents to get up, come to the mike and spell out in detail what parents are going to do to curb violence. Parents need to tell the schools what efforts they are willing to undertake in their homes and communities to help curb violence. We dare not sit back and wait for the world to change our young men. We must get to them before the world gets them.


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