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The battle between Hilary and Obama has injected renewed in presidential politics. Edwards continues to hound both of them and should not be discounted.  Blacks, Whites and other nationalities are flocking to the caucuses in record numbers to register their choice for the Democratic nominee for the next president of the United States. What is driving the renewed interest in national politics? The last two Presidential election cycles left a sour taste in many peoples mouths. Some felt there was a lot of hanky-panky in both elections that contributed to the election of George Bush.  This assertion, if true surely impacted the outcomes in the 2000 and 2004 election. Voter apathy played an even bigger part. Many, who proclaimed a great interest in both races, forgot that talk was not the same as voting. The rhetoric that many spouted was just that, idle talk. Will the same thing happen in the upcoming election? Will many who are sitting around expressing a keen interest in Obama getting the Democratic nomination for president stay at home on Election Day?   

The upcoming election is likely the most important election most will ever participate in. look at the issues of monumental proportion that the new President will have to address.  Who has the wisdom, courage and insight to get this nation out of the quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan? Who will be able to stem the infighting in both Houses so that they can get down to the business of laws that benefit this nation?  Who has the courage to go the American people and tell them it is time to stop funding the war on credit and demand they back their support for the war with their pocketbooks? Who will demand that those who proclaim a willingness to see the war continue support the return of the draft? Who will step up to the plate and get America out of a nation-building mode? Finally, who has the nerve to tell the American people the real state of the economy? For too long, the real state of the economy has not been truthfully disclosed to the American public. This failure has resulted in a false sense of security and disastrous results are finally coming to the forefront. Misinformation and outright lies have been used to shape American policies in many areas with severe adverse effect on this nation. Lies led us to war. Lies led us to believe we could fight and fund a war, and at the same time cut taxes have resulted in massive debt.

We do not need to elect anyone who can do little to change the behavior in Washington. It is important that we all vote our conscious. Listen carefully to what all of the nominees have to say. Take the time to see what they have done in the past. Do not be persuaded by the rhetoric of Talk radio, left or right. Get out and vote for someone!



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