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Rhetoric Heating Up

Rhetoric Heating Up

It is still relatively early in the presidential campaign. However, the level of rhetoric and outpouring of support for the frontrunners is reaching a feverish pitch. CRT(Conservative Talk Radio, that I fondly refer to as the new Kudzu of the South is making it plain that they think they have sabotaged the Clinton campaign and are now setting their sights on Obama. CRT intentions are not cloaked in secrecy. Just listen to the rhetoric flowing from the mikes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz and the likes. More than one radio station in the Atlanta area, with devout listeners all over the United States, devoted several hours each day exclusively to tearing down one candidate (Hillary Clinton.) for many months. Now, feeling comfortable and reasonable assured that their mission has been accomplished, they are in the process of devoting full time to derailing the Obama Campaign.  Something just seems downright sinister for the public airways to be saturated with programming devoted exclusively to deriding and derailing those of the democratic persuasion aspiring to win a political office.  Sure, I know the usual response is that CRT is in place to balance the support Democratic nominees get from the likes of NBC, CBS, NPR and CBS. I defy anyone to show me anything on any of these outlets that remotely resembles what takes place on Limbaugh, Ingram, Hannity, Boortz, and other not so famous mouths (attack dogs) of the Republican Party.  Using a football analogy-it is called piling on. I am sure these shows serve the purpose they are designed to serve-tearing down one political party and building up the other one. One only has to listen to any of these shows for brief periods to ascertain just how much effort is devoted to serving one political party. It is disturbing to hear how many of their listeners respond to their innuendos, half-truths and outright lies. Talk about drinking the Cool-ade. I chuckled when some of these CTR jocks were mouthing off about not supporting the Republican front running candidate. What a joke. It is quite apparent to any right thinking person that the word went out to all of them to tone down the negative rhetoric about McCain and fall in line. Just go back a few months and listen to the tapes of some of these jocks and compare them to what is being said today.  They have changed their tune. One does not have to look too hard to see the façade of independence some of these jocks throw up. It is just that, a façade-nothing else.  In the end, they will have to adhere to party politics and march, almost lock step with the Republican Party.

Make no mistake there is arm-twisting and rhetoric taking place in both parties to get potential voters to support their candidate and agenda. However, CTR (Conservative Talk Radio) has taken it to a level unseen in the annals of politics.


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