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Grazing in the wrong pastures

Grazing in the wrong pastures 

An old African Proverb says the following” the cattle are as good as the pasture in which it grazes.” This is a good analogy of what is taking place in today’s society. Too many people, especially young folks, are grazing in the wrong pastures and consuming the wrong things. Are the grasses of Hip Hop fit for human consumption? Will grazing on ignorance benefit society? Can a people sustain itself and its heritage feasting on overindulgence, ignorance, apathy and self-pity?

When will we learn to discern the difference between what is good and correct and what is bad and incorrect? We continue to find ways to dress up Hip Hop and make it appear to have good qualities. An old African Proverb says the following” A cat can go to a monastery, but she will still remain a cat.” Folks, I am telling you, you can dress it all you want, including inviting it into your homes, schools, communities, churches and other houses of worship and will not change a darn thing. It is still what it is-a blight and destructive force on society. It is especially harmful to our children. Referring back to my analogy of cattle and the pasture in which it grazes-our children have been raised on a steady diet of nothing but Hip Hop grasses. It is stupid and irresponsible to feed them a steady diet of Hip Hop and expect them to come out looking and behaving like anything but those portrayed in the Hip Hop culture.  The old adage that you cannot make chicken dressing out of chicken poop has never been truer.

Another African Proverb says the following” The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people.” Societies, including mass media and parents have introduced this menace to society called Hip Hop into homes and the lives of our young folks with disastrous affect.  How many times have you heard it said that the structure of black families is in a sad state of affairs? The very foundation-two parent home is almost a thing of the past. One would have to go back to slavery to find anything similar to what currently exist. The traditional family structure has been overtaken with something almost unrecognizable.

Another African Proverb says the following” a fool and water will go the way they are diverted.”  It is plain to see that entirely too many our children and their minds are diverted away from school, education knowledge, and discipline and channeled to the trappings of Hip Hop, the streets and gangs. It is easy to see that they have been diverted from commonsense, respect and wisdom, to ignorance, stupidity, folly and disrespect.  

Why has it been so easy for so many of our children to forsake education for foolery? It reminds me of another African Proverb says the following, “Knowledge is like a garden; if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested. Cultivate suggest hard sustained work, effort, and time, spent working towards a goal. Getting an education and acquiring knowledge requires the same attitude and work effort. We are talking about years of sustain cultivating this thing called knowledge. It is time to plow under pastures of self destruction, stupidity and ignorance. Replace them with pastures of learning, discipline, family values and other grasses grown for the betterment of a society and its people.


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