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Living the DreamWe will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the inexcusable silence of the good people.  The man sure knew what he was talking about. On April 16, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. composed these prophetic words while incarcerated in a jail cell in Birmingham Alabama. Dr. King knew that silence when silence is not warranted usually leads to bad results. Inexcusable is a powerful word and demands definition. Inexcusable means unforgivable, intolerable, indefensible, un-called for, etc. in 1963 he coined the following: Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.  To paraphrase, Dr. King was saying that nothing is more dangerous than genuine unawareness. In other words, you really do not know and make no effort to know. Couple that with a persistent lack of common sense and foolhardiness (unending effort to abstain from acting with commonsense), and you have one hell of a problem on your hands. I listened to excerpts from many of Dr. King’s speeches the morning of January 21, 2008 on radio station WRFG in Atlanta Georgia. I was deeply touched by his constant reference to non-violence. I wonder what he would say if he observed the spiraling and out of control violence that is taking place in many cities and towns.  Would he have an answer when asked why? Would he have a solution? Would he wonder why those who profess to be leaders in black communities sit back virtually silent while cites and towns are under the siege of lawless young blacks? Would he take the hoodlums and their parents to task and demand a return to a semblance of sanity, commonsense and rational behavior?  As we celebrate the life and death of Dr. King, it is imperative that this nation, especially blacks start to really live his dreams. Dr King dreamed of all children having access to a decent education. He talked about decent neighborhoods and jobs for all Americans. Dr. King, as well as those who came well before him (Booker T. Washington) knew that a decent education and a job with decent wages were two of the most important cogs in the wheels of upward mobility of a people.  He would be very disappointed if he were able to observe what has replaced the desire for an education and a job in our youth Dr. King reminded me of a line fireman. He would show up when fires were raging hot. He was not afraid of getting burned. Most of his followers had the same disposition. Entirely too many of today’s currently so-called black leaders are more like a fire inspector: showing up before a fire and after the fire is out. In summary, show your real support for Dr. Martin Luther King jr. by making his dreams realities. Remember, he had several dreams.


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