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Just another year

Some of you may remember your elders of the church singing the old song” Just another day. “As I look back into 2007, I wonder if it was just another year to some folks. Looking forward, will 2008 be just another year? We should plan our lives so that 2008 brings better fortune than 2007. Take a moment and look back into 2007; ascertain what worked and what did not work and act accordingly. It is senseless to repeat the same mistakes in 2008 that you made in 2007 and expect different outcomes. If you overspent in 2007 and exceeded your ability to pay, repeating the same action in 2008 will result in the same thing-debt! If you allowed your child to drop out of school in 2007 at the age of 14, what can you reasonably expect from this dropout in 2008?  

Black folks are a praying people and spend many hours on their knees asking God to intercede in their life and the lives of their children-especially in the lives of their boys. Will 2008 be just another year of mothers praying for some relief from the burden imposed on them by their sons and daughters. Will, through the grace of the One, they pray to each and everyday, some peace, rest, and happiness will re-enter their lives.  As the old song says, they can finally lay down their burden.  

If there was ever a time for children to change how they interact with their parents-it is now.  Children, take a minute, sit, and have a real frank conversation with your parents. Let them tell you how they really feel about your behavior. Let them tell how it hurts to see children behaving in a manner that they know are wrong. Let them tell you what they really expect of children. Not just their own, but all children. Give them a reason to look forward with glee to 2008.

Am I suggesting people make several New Years Resolutions, just so they can be broken? Certainly not! I beseech parents, children, grownups, elders and all other inhabitants of the community to make an effort to make things better in 2008.  Put some real effort and time into getting our children back in school and graduating at an acceptable rate.  We can certainly make our communities more attractive and cleaner by picking up the trash indiscriminately tossed from automobiles. Make a commitment to get a job and stop begging and preying on others.  Males-become more active in the live of young black boys-not just in sports. Share some quality time and a good book with them. Set examples of how men should behave. Pull up your pants and clean up your language.  Put respect back in the equation.

Two thousand and eight does not have to be just another year filled with disillusionment, hardship, pain and suffering. Life can be better if we as a family, a people and a community make the effort to make it better.

When will some of us stop allowing adversity to be our only teacher? Why take the low road in life, when the high road is available? Why take so many detours in life when there are few obstacles on the main roads? Let us make 2008 a very good year for everyone.


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