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Ganging up on gangs

On November 15, 2007, The Dekalb County Police Department conducted a seminar. The focus of the seminar was gangs and the associated violence.  Although this area, like many others is plagued with gangs, the seminar was sparsely attended. One has to seriously question why something of this importance was largely ignored by the public. I came away thinking that in spite of the problems gangs bring to a community, most of us are in denial about what is really taking place. Is it plausible that people living in gang infested areas feel powerless to do anything about it?  Are most afraid to say anything about it for fear they will be talking about their neighbors’ children, or maybe their own children?

The Dekalb County Police Department spoke about the prevalence of gangs in this area. They have infested neighborhoods, high schools and are making inroads into middle schools. It is just a matter of time before they will have a presence in grade schools. Why do I say this? Take a look at how some parents allow their grade school kids to dress.  Observe many of them sauntering about wearing head rags and other gang symbols.  Watch them making gangs signs.  Sure, it is easy to say they are just wanna bees. You had better be careful, they might just be.  I see gang signs in my neighborhood and it really causes me great concern. I wonder what in children upbringing causes them to thing they can own the right of passage in a neighborhood. I wonder by whose authority they think they were given this right. I wonder what they think they did to earn the right to dictate what takes place in a neighborhood. Somewhere in their rearing they have been led to believe it is not necessary to earn what you lay claim to. Let me clarify-they have been led to believe that intimidation, fear and violence is all that is required to earn the right to control a neighborhood.

The only thing that will save our children from themselves are parents. Parents are the first line of defense and form a barrier against the elements. Once children breach this wall, they are at the mercy of the elements, including law enforcement, the streets and gangs. Sure, law enforcement, including all aspects of the judicial system has a role to play in the lives of children.  However, we need to get to our kids before they become involved in gangs and eventually the judicial system. Parents, gangs have no place in the lives of our children. We must remove elements from our communities that take advantage of the malleable minds of our children. Anything that gets in the way of the proper rearing and education of our children must be removed and replaced with things that help guide them in a positive direction. It will not be easy to regain control of our kids, because we have allowed rot to infest and exist for too long.  Never-the-less, it is something that must be done.

Who is to blame for gangs gaining control of our neighborhoods?  The grownups, especially grown men are to blame for a large portion of the problem. Grown men have forfeited their God given role in society, and it has exacted a terrible price. How can we walk around with our chest stuck out proclaiming to be men, while allowing boys to dictate what takes place on the streets and other areas of our community? How can we, proclaiming to be men, sit idly by and watch gangs infest our homes, schools and other areas of the community? How can real men, helplessly, watch gangs get control of their off springs? Women of the community are not blameless. Most believe their child would never become part of a gang. They stick to this belief even though they observe the child wearing gang clothing, making gang signs and hanging out with known gang members. Mothers watch their children’s grades deteriorate at the same time other signs of gang participation manifest themselves. In spite of these signs, they still maintain that their child would never become part of a gang. When the police department show up to confront the child about gang activities, most mothers are still in denial. People are sick and tired of watching our children and the gangs they associate with destroying the very fabric of their neighborhoods and are demanding police action. Law enforcement needs the help of the community as they go about the business of removing the scourge of gangs from our neighborhoods. The Dekalb County Police Chief had this to say” We are going to do something about gangs. If you have a child that you can no longer deal with, put the child outside and we will deal with it.”


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