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Picking on the kids

 Leave them alone!

Is pointing out the destructive behavior many of our kids display, picking on them, and too much time spent chastising, rather than praising them. Is another picture of them more realistic?  Should one continually heap unearned praises on them?  Maybe the majority is satisfied with the behavior of our kids and do not think we should chastise them.  Is it possible that people are satisfied with the educational achievement of our children and feel criticism is unwarranted?  Is it likely people are satisfied with the behavior of our young men as they saunter about with their trousers dangling off their butts, and any criticism is badly misplaced? What about the foul language in public places that many people are exposed to on a daily basis? Is it something that one should get use to, ignore and accept it as societal norm? Does this behavior warrant criticism?

Is there too much criticism of black on black crime and violence in the black community?  Is it getting too much attention? Should violence and black on black crime be put in the same category as Hip Hop and be viewed as another temporary change in societal norms?  It is easy to conclude that it is not getting enough attention-especially from those most affected by it-black folks and the communities they reside in. What determines when an issue has gotten enough attention?  Are there some issues that one dares not let go unpublicized?  There certainly are.  People need to be screaming at the top of their voices and announcing that they have had enough of the damage that the behavior of some in the community is causing.   It is certainly easier to hide your head in the sand and pretend all is well. It is just as easy to look the other way while living in the midst of drugs, death and destruction. Pretending not to see or care about what goes on in your community does not help to alleviate problems.  In fact, ignoring them worsens and increases them. Entirely too many people wrongly assume that if they leave the criminals along, the criminals will leave them along.  Where in the world did that assumption come from? 

Society dare not leave our kids alone, until our kids leave their contempt for commonsense, education, and discipline alone. Society dare not leave them alone until Hip Hop, crime and drugs leave them alone. Do not leave them alone until ignorance, stupidity and apathy leave them alone. Do not leave them alone until the mass media leave them alone. Do not leave them alone until they get it right. Do not leave them alone until they grow up and earn the right to be left alone. Do not think for one moment that leaving them alone will make them change for the better.


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