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It is past time to thoroughly evaluate the existing indifference and seemingly disdain many of our youngsters and their parents display towards education and knowledge; one has to wonder what is driving this attitude.  Whatever it is, it seems perpetual.  What causes their dismal and unacceptable attitude toward something as important as education and knowledge?  Let me clarify one thing.  Those who do not have an appetite for formal education and the knowledge that comes with it are still getting an education. The question is what kind of education. They learn something everyday from the streets, television, videos and other forms of communication and interactions. Armed with this so called street knowledge, what should they reasonably expect in life? Simply put, they are forced to make decisions, without proper knowledge. The better you are informed, the better decisions you will make. Life is too complicated to leave decision making to guessing and prayers.  It used to be said that what you do not know would not hurt you.  That statement is no longer in vogue. What you do not know can hurt you badly.  Not knowing how to manage finances, how to get and keep a job, how to manage a home are just some of the ways lack of knowledge can cause irreparable damage to one’s life.  Knowing how to treat others is another extremely important attribute. Lack of this knowledge is what drives much of what we see in today’s society-especially youngsters.  Disregard and disrespect for the law and other expected societal norms are other areas where not knowing what they are can greatly affect one’s life. It is said that ignorance is no excuse for the law. How is one supposed to adhere to something that they are unaware aware of?

If my assertions are accurate, and I think they are; what should one expect in life without an adequate education?  Should an individual who failed to get an education expect to live the same lifestyle as one who did? Should an individual who failed to get an education expect the same income and associated niceties as an educated individual? One has to wonder if some people put expectation into their decision process. Are they acutely aware of the probable outcome of their decisions? It is difficult to believe that individuals would knowingly conduct their lives in a manner; that in most cases guarantees a life filled with disappointment, low wages, crime, and other pitfalls associated with lack of education and knowledge. Entirely too many ingredients necessary for a productive life are omitted when one neglect to get an education.  The world runs on what people know and are capable of doing.  Do not fall in the trap of thinking that life is so simple; one can get by on wits. The word wit does suggest intelligence.  However, it does not define what kind of intelligence and the degree thereof. As I have often said, our children know many things, but not much of the right things.  They need to know the things that will sustain them in life.  They need to know the things that will ensure them gainful employment.  They need to know the things that allow them to be an integral part of society. Lack of education and knowledge in these and other important areas consigns one to almost certain failure.  Failure consigns one to a parasitic way of life with little chance of becoming a very self-sufficient individual. When you make a decision, take a moment and try to determine the probable outcome.  If the outcome is likely to have a negative impact on your life, carefully consider making another decision. Knowing what to expect when you make decisions has a way of moderating thoughtless decisions and unrealistic outcomes.


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