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Does stupidity have anything to do with it? For the purpose of this article, stupidity simply means lack of commonsense.  Anytime an individual think there is nothing wrong with taking a life for things, commonsense certainly is not in the equation. Ignorance (lack of knowledge) has a place in this article. It is impossible to do what you do not know how to do. Sure, one can through trial and error manage to get something right. However, this individual can never be sure exactly what caused a certain outcome. Some people make the argument that our kids are failing in school and behave badly because their parents, many who are barely more than children are not capable of teaching them anything.  Who says one has to get all the essential behavioral characteristics from their parents? We must get what we need from where it is available. Where would we be if children of slaves had to depend on what their parents had to offer educationally? The same applies to the culture aspect of the children of slaves. All their parents knew was slavery. Does this suggest that all their parents had to offer was a slave’s point of view on life and education and off springs were expected to have the same outlook?

Outlets where knowledge is available are abound today. Avenues available to those who chose to seek knowledge run the gambit from home to school, to library, to the internet, book stores, churches, and other venues.  Most of these outlets were not available when I was a child. Why are so many of our youth not taking advantage of what is available to them? What is it about this knowledge and the want to know thing that befuddles our children? Is there a desire to know without the will power to make the effort necessary to know?  Is there a willingness to put aside foolish things long enough to get the kind and degree of knowledge necessary to become an independent and self-sufficient individual? Acquiring the knowledge necessary to obtain a quality education certainly requires sacrifices. Playtime is replaced with study time.  Hanging out time is replaced with study time. Television and game boy time is replaced with study time. One must keep their priorities straight when it comes to this knowledge and education thing. In the scheme of things, acquisition of knowledge and the resulting education must to be at the forefront of our children aspiration. It is often said that curiosity killed the cat. Lack of curiosity handicapped the child.

This world has a lot to offer in terms of knowledge and education. Keep in mind that all knowledge is not good.  For instance, acquiring the know how to rob banks and stick up conveniences stores is not good. Learning how to swear and disrespect others is not good. It is good to know. However, it is better to know the right things.


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