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Bagdad in America

Turn your television to any news channel and you will get a gut full of the carnage that is taking place in Iraq, especially Baghdad. Thousands of people are slaughtered each month while many more are maimed and wounded. The killings are robbing children of their parents and homes. It is a cause for great concern, and one has to wonder what goes thorough the minds of those who commit such heinous murders. It is difficult to imagine how so many people have taken the position that so many lives are expendable and are there for the taking. How have so many people arrived at the conclusion that taking lives is as natural as breathing?  Some say their religion encourages them to kill each other. I do not think it is that simple.  

While we are busy trying to figure out why the Iraqis are killing each other, we are negligent in figuring out why so many of our Black folks are killing each other. Seldom does a day pass without a killing in the city of Stone Mountain, Georgia where I reside. The same thing is taking place all over this nation.  Folks! We are raising a bunch of killers. The reason many of them kill is just as stupid as the reasons much of the killing is taking place in Baghdad.  Many of our children are carrying guns just like the militia and insurgents in Iraq. Many are in gangs and follow the teaching and commands of the gang leaders just like those who follow the heads the militias in Iraq. Many of our young men are uneducated as their counterparts are in Iraq.

This nation is a nation of haves and have-nots. Most of us have a choice of which category we want to fit in.  The question is-How does one want to be among the haves? There are different ways to have things. One can work for them. One inherits them, or one can take them. Unfortunately, entirely too many of our young men choose to try to take the things that they want, rather than devote the time and effort to legitimacy obtain them. Look at how many home invasions and carjacking take place every day in cities all over this nation. In each incident, someone is attempting to take something that the owners have worked hard to obtain.  Look at the number of times that robberies takes place and the perpetrators shoots the vendors without provocations.

 The mindset of those who are committing all kinds of crime in this nation is very disturbing and deserves a lot of attention. Things get worse each passing day.  We, as a people can sit back and pretend all is well, but it will not solve the problem. Parents, you can sit back and pretend that your child is not involved in criminal activities if you wish.  Eventually it will come back to haunt you and the rest of your family. There will come a time when you will have to come face to face with the judge or the undertaker. Take your choice.


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