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I came across an interesting article the other day. The article questioned the fairness of the harsh prison sentences that are currently imposed on drug dealers. Statistics reveal a sentencing pattern that appears to impose harsher penalties on black drug dealers than that those impose on their counter-parts. When one simply glances at the data and takes it and run with it, it is easy to have sympathy for the black drug dealers.  Well, maybe not sympathy, but a little empathy. I see nothing wrong with understanding why black drug dealers would be concerned about the fairness of the system. However, I wonder if any of them have ever stopped to consider how fair they are to the people and neighborhoods they destroy with their drugs-especially Crack Cocaine. What kind of sentence is imposed on the unborn child in the womb of a Crack addict mom? Some suggest it is a life sentence. What kind of sentence is imposed on neighborhoods when people pack up and leave because of the violence that is inherent in drug infested neighborhoods? How long is the sentence imposed on the mother who will sell her child into prostitution just to get Crack Cocaine?  What kind of sentence is imposed on neighborhoods when people are afraid to walk the streets, sit on their porches or go to a local convenience store?  How long is the sentence imposed on the families of innocent people killed in drive-by shootings as drug dealers spray bullets indiscriminately in their quest for territorial control? What kind of sentence is imposed on cities when monies that should be used to maintain the public infrastructure are diverted to the prison system to keep dealers off the streets?


I have been hearing about this sentencing unfairness thing for a several years. It is foolish to think that Crack dealers are not well aware of what they face when apprehended. Why in the world would sane individuals get into the Crack Cocaine business when they know they face stiff penalties?  Let us get real when we speak of fairness.  Let us think about this thing call fairness as something that all have a right to and should be accessible to all-not just the criminal portion of our society.


I say the sentencing should be changed to suit the crime. Crack dealers should be given the same sentences they impose on others and neighborhoods-Nothing less, nothing more. They should be put in prison and not released until the people who lives they have destroyed with their poisons are free from the sentences imposed on them. The same goes for neighborhoods. Dealers should not be released from prison until neighbors are free from the death, destruction and crime brought on by their distribution of drugs. I do not see drug dealers having a problem with what I suggest. After all, they do advocate fair treatment.


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