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Who Do They Say You Are?

What will it take to cause our young folks and not so young folks to cease allowing others to define who and what they are? I am amused and sadden at the same time as I watch entirely too many of them sauntering about with the waistband of their trousers dangling below their buttocks. Someone, or a group of people in their keen insight, sat around a table and deduced that they could get a certain segment of our society to buy trousers and dangle them off of their buttocks. They figured all they had to do was get a few Hip Hop artists to wear this stuff in Rap videos and the rest would be history. One has to wonder how long it took them to figure out how much effort was needed to market this demeaning and pitiful product.  Given the other garbage marketed and making hefty profits, there was little doubt around the room that these trousers would make huge sums of money. They figures that anyone renting rims for automobiles would be good candidates for sales. They figured anyone who thinks there is nothing wrong with blasting neighborhoods with music containing obscenities of every imaginable flavor would certainly buy their product. They figured anyone stupid enough to kill another person over a head rag of a certain color was also a prime candidate for a sale. 

Those who make and market obscene music and lewd videos decided that there were those who would buy almost any music as long as it was filled with obscenities. They also decided that that in this market, there were people who would purchase this stuff and play it loudly anytime, anywhere, no matter the audience. They guessed correctly. It is difficult to get away from the stuff-even in at home. Many young and not so young men and women cruise neighborhoods and avenues playing this terrible music at decibels that one can clearly hear inside a house. Respect for self, women children, and elders is pushed aside in favor of loudly played Hip Hop music. Do not think for one minute that those who make this music do not realize that people are ruining their hearing as they go about the business of loudly playing this music just to annoy those who wish not to hear it

We may want to consider what lies ahead for the people who listen to this music at such a loud volume. What is in store for them once their hearing is seriously damaged? Couple this with minimal education and poor job skills and we have a real problem on our hands.

Are we really as we are currently defined? Are we the buffoons one observes wandering about with the waist band of our trousers well below our buttocks? Are we really so caught up in head rags that we will kill someone who we feel are not authorized to wear it? Are we really naive enough to think that getting an education is no longer important and being a student of Hip Hop is the only requirement for success? Are we really the people who go out of their way to disrespect others with their language and music? Are we really the people who seemingly see nothing wrong with destroying our neighborhoods with drugs and gang violence? I say we are better than that. I just wonder when we will begin to show it.

Copyright June, 2007
This commentary written by L.C. Thornton, for The Peoples Voice Black Weekly News
To reprint With permission only, contact: L.C. Thornton at


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