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Is The Music About To Change?

Have people who have genuine concerns for the youth of this nation finally had enough of the despicable, disrespectful, and vulgar and women demeaning music that dominate a segment of the music industry? Have we finally come to the realization that Hip Hop is some bad stuff?  Have we taken the time to look at it in detail, and see the damage that it has inflicted on the black community? Are we now able to see beyond the gold chains, fancy cars, expensive whiskey and other accoutrements that Hip Hop artists obtained, all at the expense of their communities? Hip Hop artists pathetic gains are not worth the pains that they have inflicted on our children. The effect this music has on our youth is devastating and will be visible for a very long time. It will be hard to repair the damage Hip Hop has caused.


One of the most glaring affects is Hip Hop music overriding our children’s appetite for education. Education, once the measure of success in the black community has been replaced with material things as a measure of how successful one has become-no matter how these accoutrements are gotten. How in the world can something as unsophisticated and juvenile as Hip Hop music, in a very short time, almost totally replace and redefine the values of a segment of a people? What is it about this garbage that causes a people to spend loads of money on it, and allow their children to be obsessed with the garbage that it promotes?

There are signs that changes are in the air. Some people are beginning to speak out about this music and are no longer willing to support this stuff just because most of the artists are black and are making a few bucks. People know that the well-being, education, and moral values of our youth are worth much more than Hip Hop music provides for a few folks.

Hip Hop through its suggestive music and videos filled with glitter and excesses of all kinds has created a dangerous mindset in our children. Their preoccupation with what they see and hear has taken away their focus on getting an education. The emphasis of achievement through education has been replaced with getting things the easy way. Entirely too many of our children think that Hip Hop and sports are the only measures of success. They no longer consider other legitimate roads to success.

Richard Maxwell wrote: Be not nourished on garbage while the banquet is being served.  This is exactly what is taking place today. Things that provide nourishment for the body and mind are disregarded, and our children are feasting on this garbage called Hip Hop.


Copyright June, 2007
This commentary written by L.C. Thornton, for The Peoples Voice Black Weekly News
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