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Rapping In The Church House

Why are some churches embracing Rap and Hip-hop music and lyrics, knowing fully well that it is a menace to society? Are the members of these establishments so desperate to attract new members, especially young folks, they will let this watered down version of Hip-Hop and Rap enter these holy places? Say what you will, but the Rap music sung and played in churches has its roots in the crap played on television, in videos and on radio. At times, it appears that church folks are trying harder to be like rappers, than the rappers are trying to be like them. How often do you see rappers singing church hymns at a rap concert? How often do you see them performing in a nice churchy suit and tie? Look at how scantly dressed some ladies are on Sunday morning. Their dress hemline is as daring as those in the Clubs are and their necklines are just as revealing.

Is it wise to attempt to mix Rap and religion? I think not because of what the final product of the mixture becomes. First, it sends false messages to our youngsters. The line between what is right and what is wrong was never more blurred. Many youngsters and some grownups are confused about what they see in church. The beat of the music is hard to distinguish from Hip-hop. The dress of some of those who perform in the church is no different from that of those who perform in clubs and in videos. The writer Richard Maxwell, in his book titled Better thoughts for living penned the following: Too many of the religiously inclined are not able to differentiate between the kinds of amusements which Lead to vice, and those, which keep people away from vice.

Ministers regularly invite so-called gospel Rappers to perform in the church. Grownups who really do not like the idea are afraid to voice their displeasure because they do not want to be at odds with those who run the church. The church must be very careful what they allow in their midst in name of religion. There must be a better way to get and keep our young folks interested in what takes place in the church. Our efforts should be to dissociate the church and our children from Rap and Hip-Hop, rather than providing it access.

Think about this for a minute. A rat sees a nice little pile of tasty morsels, (Rat poison) strategically placed so it cannot be miss. The rat is suspicious, but its suspicion is overcome by the smell and looks of the morsels. The rat partakes of the morsels and the rest is history. Rap and Hip-Hop have the same influence on many churches. Those who run the church and their general membership are suspicious of Rap and Hip-Hop but succumb to the beat of the music, lyrics and the possibility of increasing young membership. Is there anything or any place impervious to the encroachment of Rap and Hip-Hop? If you know of some, please bring them to the attention of our people. Remember, if the something is half good, it is also half bad.


Copyright March 15, 2007
This commentary written by L.C. Thornton, for The Peoples Voice Black Weekly News
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