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Bored? No! Pre-Occupied? Yes!

Results of a recent survey of several school age children suggest that many children are bored-especially with school. It is extremely important that the public do not accept this as entirely factual. The word bored is probably misused, a cop-out, and a convenient excuse for not going to school. Bored means uninterested, fed up, or tired of something. Graduation rates of our children do suggest that many of them are indeed uninterested in getting a good education. However, I seriously doubt if it is because they are bored. Why are they uninterested in getting an education? Simple-Getting an education requires commitment, discipline, self-sacrifice, and putting aside foolish things. Entirely too many of our youngsters are not willing invest the time and effort necessary to get a quality education. The toys that they and their parents invest in for their entertainment, takes precedence over almost everything in their lives-including education.

I pity the poor teachers who must compete with the other interest of children and their parents. What do you think children are listening to when they saunter by with earphones dangling in their ears-school work? What do you think they are looking at when they log on to Myspace? Pretend that you do not know what channels they watch on television. Act as if you do not know what kind of music they listen to and the substance of the videos they watch. As parents, are we being realistic when we expect teachers and school systems to overcome these obstacles? How in the world are they supposed to compete when they are at such an obvious disadvantage? The educational system will never overcome this disadvantage without total parental and community involvement.

Do not get caught up in this boredom hype. Children and parents conveniently toss around this word. Many children will continue to allege boredom and do badly in school until society figure out a way to remove impediments like cell phones, Ipods, funky dress, play stations and other forms of entertainment from the educational equation. Remember-The uneducated individual of tomorrow is the one who stops learning today.

If our kids are indeed bored, why are they bored? I submit that we have fed them a steady diet of brain junk for so long that they have developed an appetite for it, and little else. Hours upon hours of useless and destructive garbage is pumped into the heads of our children on a daily basis. A writer coined the following: Be not nourished on garbage while the banquet is being served. They are engrossed in things that are entertaining; require little effort and offers instant gratification, and abandoned things that require thought, discipline and commitment. Richard Maxwell wrote: do not try to find out all the things not worth knowing before you find out those worth knowing.

We must encourage our youngsters to think about next month, next year, next decade, next century. Entirely too many of them cannot see beyond next week. This is the reason they are satisfied to live for today and today only. They need to heed the following quotation: If you spend your money for things you do not need in your youth, you may not be able to afford the things you do need in your old age.

Many parents, some unknowingly, are contributing to the boredom allegations. Parents do Immeasurable damage to children when they allow them to replace their educational ambitions with desires for things, pleasure and a life of leisure. Many parents, reluctant to challenge their children, go along with them to get along with them. At some point, this boredom thing will come full circle. If you want to see real boredom, drive by street corners and Project stoops where earlier generations of bored folks are now hanging out. Visit juvenile incarceration centers and prisons. There you will see real boredom. The inmates are bored with the life they have chosen and its results. Void of education, very few alternatives are available to them. It is said that the fellow who succeeds in making his youth the happiest time of his life certifies that his latter years will not be.

Parents, it is your job to see that your children do not become bored with school. It is an absolute requirement that you do not allow your children access to things that obstruct their desire to get an education. Try as you may, you cannot delegate this responsibility. Difficult task? Yes! Impossible task? No!

Copyright 2006
This commentary written by L.C. Thornton, for The Peoples Voice Black Weekly News
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