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Where Is Your Backbone?

When did so many black men lose their backbone? Some call it being spineless. Why do I say this? Look around many communities. Young thugs are running the place. They decide who can sell drugs on what corner, who can safely walk the streets and that you will listen to filthy, women demeaning Rap music. They decide what kind of language people therein have to listen to. Why have we allowed this happen? We know what is happening is not good for our people-especially our children. Many are continually exposed to large helpings of garbage.

There was a time when black folks would have mobilized some serious resistance to what is taking place in our neighborhoods. Who will step up to the plate and continue the efforts of past black leaders? Who has the nerve to go in to the bowels of drug-infested neighborhoods and take on the purveyors of destruction? Who is unafraid to speak to the masses about the failure of black men to fulfill their obligation to family, community and society? What message do we send to our children when they see grown men coward down by a bunch of teenagers. Some are coward down by their own children and relatives. How have we managed to come to this? When did we lose our will to address what are surely serious problems in our communities? Do we shy away because of the color of the perpetrators? What will it take to mobilize the men in our community?

The young men who control neighborhoods with threats and violence do not see the elders of the community as a threat to them and their way of life. Our women should be able to depend on their men to stand up for them and their children. They need to know that we are their protectors-not weak kneed little boys pretending to be men! Is it possible that the so-called black men of the community are waiting for the women of the community to tackle the problem?
Men are supposed to be the guardians of homes, families and communities. It is their job to teach boys how to become men. Why have we shifted the responsibility to our women? Do we feel no shame as we watch most of our mothers filling the roles of mother and father? How can we as men, ordained by God to be the head of the household, not feel some remorse as we watch our women struggle to keep the family afloat.

Why do we allow foul-mouthed, semi-literate, baggy britches wearing, false-gold teeth flashing fools to define who we are? Why do we allow these people to dictate what clothes and music is produced for our consumption? It hurts a lot to see how our women are portrayed on television and in videos. Our engrained values must mobilize us to actions that will rid our communities of these diseases. It really disgusts me to see many of our people in the media trying desperately to defend these folks. They say in so many words that this is what the public desires. Therefore, the rap and hip-hop artists are just fulfilling a need. Many slave-owners desired that blacks remain slaves in perpetuity. Many Germans desired the total annihilate of the Jews. Imagine what the world would be like if these desires had been fulfille


Copyright 2007
This commentary written by L.C. Thornton, for The Peoples Voice Black Weekly News
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