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Freedom To Be Stupid

Negroes had known for sometime that there was something special about this thing called education. Slaves watched white kids trudge off to school with books underarm. Black kids accompanied some white kids to school and probably sat in the back of the room and watched white kids learning to read, write and do arithmetic. In fact, some white kids taught black kids to read and write while slavery was still in existence. There was a certain amount of innocence in the white kids since they had not been brainwashed into thinking that Negro kids did not deserve any form of education

Almost immediately after slavery was abolished, blacks, along with the help of some whites and organizations interested in the betterment of black set up schools. The structures may have been barns, chicken coops or even outside under a tree. Nevertheless, they offered to Negroes something that was vital in improving their lot in life. These schools were not graded and all who had the time and wanted to get an education were welcomed. Many churches were utilized as schools.

Today, our children have access to most schools. Many, by exercising the option not to attend school, are squandering away the opportunity to get a quality education. They are exercising a freedom that is ill advised. This exercise of freedom will haunt most of them for the rest of their lives.

What does freedom mean? It means liberty, self-determination, freewill, choice and independence. Along with this comes, responsibility, which means accountability, liability or blame. Does freedom permit an individual to make bad and stupid decisions? Certainly so. However, freedom allows the same individual to suffer the consequences of said action. I use to tell the folks who worked for me” you can do anything you want to on this job, as long as you can take what goes along with it.” This needs to be made perfectly clear to our people and others all over this world. Look at what has happened in Iraq. We took the liberty to invade the country, and now many who supported the invasion, are not willing to accept what goes along with the invasion.

When we look around today, do we see a people taking full advantage of what freedom offers? Are we exercising our freedom in a responsible way? Remember, freedom is a double edge sword. We are free to and we are free from. So remember when you go about the business of exercising your freedom, think about how your exercising this freedom is affecting those around you. Prime examples of this are the folks who ride around playing Rap and other demeaning music very loudly. Some of this music is filled with all kinds of vulgarity. Should there be concern for those who do not wish to hear it? Should there be concern for the young children and mothers? I say so. Exercise you freedom; exercise it wisely, lest you lose some or all of it. Treat this freedom thing with respect.

Tough times are ahead of us as a people. Let us not contribute to these tough times by abandoning the very things that brought us this far-namely the church, school, family and community togetherness. Much of what was once available to children whose parents allowed them to make the decision not to get an education has vanished. We cannot go back to the fields. Others are now performing many jobs that provided good paying jobs for blacks for generations. Parents, your children are going to have to compete against people who have not abandoned education. How do you expect them to survive? They do not have a clue what lies ahead for an uneducated individual. You will not be around to support them forever. Parents, I know many of you find it extremely hard to keep you children minds on this education thing. Many of them would rather bounce a basketball or listen to Rap music. However, this will not sustain them. This does not prepare them for what lies ahead. What we want our children to become must be in the forefront of all the decisions we make regarding them.
Copyright 2007
This commentary written by L.C. Thornton, for The Peoples Voice Black Weekly News
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