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Dreams Shattered

Martin L. King, the august civil rights leader said many interesting things during his lifetime. He was always talking about access to quality education being of utmost importance for the advancement of colored people.  Lo, and behold, his wishes were granted in many areas. Doors to schools where quality education was available swung open and a sign saying, WE WELCOME ALL STUDENTS was conspicuously posted for all to see. Fast-forward to today and look at the number of black kids who have very little interest in entering these establishments. Many, who venture through these doors, do not take advantage of the educational opportunities offered therein. Entirely too many quickly tire of the school setting and drop out of school.  Apathy and the failure to understand what a quality education offers are common.  Martin King would surely be disappointed if he gazed upon what is taking place in the education of our kids.  He would wonder if his efforts were all in vain. He would not seek to blame any particular individuals or systems. He would simply say” my children, I pried the doors open, and now many of you refuse to enter. Why do you refuse to partake of what is offered therein? Has the glitter of education worn to the point that it no longer attracts you?’ Finally, he would say, “What replaced educational aspirations in your life? Please tell me it is not Rap music, Hip Hop culture, baggy, butt showing pants, false gold teeth and other folly.” People no longer dream the same dreams Martin had.  Many people are afraid to have his kinds of dreams. People see entirely too many of our people mock Martin’s dreams and aspirations. They are not willing to accept the disappointment that follows when dreams and visions do not turn out as expected.  A people have turned Martin dreams into nightmares. 

 Copyright 2006
This commentary written by L.C. Thornton, for The Peoples Voice Black Weekly News
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