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Holding Up The Wrong Things

Do you wonder why so many young black men walk around holding their up pants?  One might conclude that their pants are their most prized possessions and if they do not tightly hold on to them, someone might take them.  Is it conceivable that their pants are the only things that they feel that they can hold up? I would hope that they would consider holding up the moral foundation of the family. I wish they would hold on to the traditions of their fore parents-traditions of self-reliance and thankfulness. Why not tightly hold on to the traditional family makeup-father, mother and child. How about holding up to the agreement you made with your parents when they co-signed for you to get an automobile? If you are going to hold up something, hold up something that means something.


Instead, they wander around holding on to something that has no social redeeming value. One has to wonder if the thought of purchasing a belt and wearing it ever crosses their minds.  The fact that they walk around virtually one handed, because the other hand is busy holding up their pants, makes you wonder if they are capable of arriving at the conclusion that wearing a belt would free the other hand. Just take a moment and really observe those who walk around holding up their pants. Most of them are also looking down most of the time.  I suppose they are looking to see if their hand is indeed holding up their pants.  Most never, look up to see where they are going.  There is that lost in the wilderness look about them. 

Most of those of  employable age cannot find or keep a job. Most cannot hold on to the thought of finding a job long enough to find one. Some get lucky and find jobs. However, most cannot not hold on to the commitment that they made to company that hire them.

Therefore, fellows, keep walking around holding up your baggy pants while the world passes you by in almost every category. Keep thinking that you impress others with the way you dress, walk and talk. I must inform you that you have it all wrong. Forget the Rap world for a minute. Whom else of means, do you see dressing and behaving as you do? The world that you attempt to emulate is but a minute pimple on the butt of the real world. The sooner you realize this, the better off you and the rest of the world will be.
Copyright 2006
This commentary written by L.C. Thornton, for The Peoples Voice Black Weekly News
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