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Tis the Season to be jolly

Christmas is fast approaching. It is the time of year when many homes are filled with genuine joyfulness and loads of gifts of all kinds.  Much of this joyfulness is brought on by the gifts people bestow on each other, especially the children. In other families, there is a façade of joy. The kids who are showered with gifts that the family can ill-afford are the only happy ones. These parents cannot really enjoy Christmas because they are saddled with bills that they are unsure that they can pay.  They have used their credit cards to the max.  All thoughts of the real meaning of Christmas are quickly shoved aside and what am I getting for my kids Christmas mentality sets in. Many of us seem to lose our sense of financial responsibility around Christmas time. We run out and purchase items that we can ill-afford, in an effort to purchase something nice for our children. What about yourself and the finances of the household?  One of the nicest Christmas gifts that one could bestow on the family would be a Christmas when it is not saddled with unnecessary debt.  Why make your child or children happy for a few days at the expense of making the whole family miserable for the rest of the year? 

Christmas should be the time to step back and reflect on the real meaning of it. It certainly is a time for giving.  However, try giving something other than material things. Try giving some gifts of love, understanding, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, and kindness. Give something that is everlasting and is in the budget of everyone. Think about the money you will save. The things that I mentioned do not cost one red cent


Copyright 2006
This commentary written by L.C. Thornton, for The Peoples Voice Black Weekly News
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