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An interesting argument is taking place in the State of Georgia regarding voter identification requirements. Georgia passed a law that mandated a picture ID as a criterion for voting. There was and continues to be a bone of contention regarding this law. Recently a judge ruled the law unconstitutional and the law has been rescinded.  Why do I broach this subject?  I fail to see a problem with individuals having to show a picture ID that comes close to showing who they are.
Let us look at the various transactions that requires picture ID. Go into a whisky store and try to purchase alcohol without a picture ID. I have never heard of anyone running to the state to get the law rescinded. Try to buy a pack of cigarettes or other tobacco products without a picture ID. Try traveling on a commercial mode of transportation without a picture ID. Try and buy something with a credit without producing some identification with a picture on it.  You need a picture ID to get in certain venues like movies that have certain ratings. You need a picture ID proving your age and who you are to get in certain concerts and clubs. If the police stop you and you cannot produce a picture ID, you are in trouble. Try to rent an automobile, hotel room, appliances, or tools without a picture ID. Many bank transactions require a picture ID. Picture IDs are required in many workplaces. I am sure I have not listed all situations where a picture ID is required. Entirely too many blacks fail to see the importance and power of the vote. Why do you think people will pay for a vote? Why do you think so much effort was put into disenfranchising black voters after 1865? Our voting record is dismal and continues to diminish. Too much blood was spilled in the name of voting rights for us not to take advantage of this most important right.
Do yourself, your children, your grand children and you ancestors a favor and vote. Not voting is still a vote Individuals qualified to register and vote and do not take advantage of it, are not fulfilling their obligation to society. I have worked the polls for many years and see people of all walks of life, age and races faithfully voting in every election, year after year with no complaints.  As a matter of fact, most of them already use a picture ID of some sort for identification. Stop making excuses for not voting.

Sent Monday, October 30, 2006

Copyright 2006
This commentary written by L.C. Thornton, for The Peoples Voice Black Weekly News
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