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Education! Without it, we are lost.

How many times have you heard a grownup say, “I would not be the way that I am if people had only told me what I needed to know when I was growing up-the truth.” Well children, I am telling you the truth.  You had better learn to read.  While you are at it, learn to write legibly and speak properly.

Education of our black youth continues to be at the forefront of my thought process these days. I think that the reasons why formal education exists are totally misunderstood. Entirely too many people think that education is suppose to teach children what to think. Not so. Education exists to teach children how to think.  Students must learn from example.  It is wrong to watch someone spiral into an abyss due to bad decisions and then you turn around and do the same things expecting different outcomes.   We will make mistakes, but why continue to make the same mistakes. We must be able to learn from our mistakes.

In his writing titled Daily Celebration, Barclay had several things to say about reading. For instance, he said” A man who reads will never be lonely. A man who reads will never be bored.  A man who reads will never be ignorant. A man who reads will never be circumscribed. Circumscribed means to be hemmed in, restricted, limited, confined or constrained.  Reading and learning expands one’s knowledge base and opens up a completely new horizon and capacity to function in today’s society.  Ignorance is a terrible blight that wrecks havoc on an individual and society as a whole.  It takes very little effort to pick up a book and learn something.  If you are wandering about with nothing to do, why not pick up a good book and commence to read? It was not too long ago that people did not have to be force fed this education thing.  Trying to get an education seemed almost automatic. I will admit that there were not as many distractions competing with the educator for children attention. However, there were certainly impediments to getting an education.  Children who lived on farms were kept out of school to manage the crop.  Some lived miles from the school and busing was not available.  Some did not have decent clothing.  These obstacles did not deter youngsters in their determination to get some education.  This kind of raw and unfettered determination needs to be rediscovered in our youth, homes, schools and communities.  Without it, the education of our children will continue to wither.  Yes, I know that there are reports that our children are doing better. My advice to you is, talk to the children. Let them read a book at their grade level.  Tell them to do some math. Once you do this then tell me if you can truthfully say they are doing better.


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This commentary written by L.C. Thornton, for The Peoples Voice Weekly News
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