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Mama’s Babies

 When I write about the plight of our black youth, I constantly look for reasons why many of them treat their mothers so badly.  In my quest to understand what goes on in a mother’s mind, I questioned many mothers.  Most just shrug their shoulders and say: well you know how it is. Some are just as perplexed as I am. Still others, including me, wonder if they have lost the capacity to love someone other than themselves-including the mothers who birth them.  It is totally beyond me why a mother would continually give undying support to an individual whose actions suggest totally indifference to her welfare. I was at a loss until I ran across this writing by Washington Irving.  He said the following: There is an enduring tenderness in the love of a mother to her son that transcends all other affections of the heart.  It is neither to be chilled by selfishness nor doubted by danger nor weakened by worthlessness nor stifled by ingratitude. I suppose my mother had the same feeling about her sons-all four of us. However, she was not about to let her sons become an imposition on her for eternity. 

The question begs to be answered “ What in the upbringing of our young men has fostered the me, me attitude about everything? Can we look back and see when the changes started to take place. Is there one single thing or incident that we can put our fingers on? The question must be answered, and answered soon. We have practically lost a whole generation of young men and are well on our way to losing another.  The black community cannot continue to sit back and hope things get better. It will not improve on its own. Others will pity us, and even throw some money at the problems that we face. However, money will not solve all problems.  Some say that the undying and unfettered love that mothers have for their boys is a large part of the problem. The “my son is always right and everyone else is wrong, attitude” certainly compounds that problem. Pray tell me, why is your son always right?  Why do you continue to fool yourself?  Look at what your wrong-headed approach to his behavior has gotten you and the black community.


You use to hear mothers say things like “Momma loves you to death.”  Little did they realize what they were saying. Indications are, this is exactly what is taking place.  Mothers, without realizing it, are literally killing the self-survival, independence, creativeness and the pursuit of a quality education drive in their boys

Fellows! Why do you want to be momma’s baby for your entire life

Copyright 2006
This commentary written by L.C. Thornton, for The Peoples Voice Black Weekly News
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