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Pouring Gasoline On A Fire

The fire is already hot enough

Does it make sense to pour gasoline on a fire that you are attempting to extinguish? The path that many of our young people are taking is exactly that. If our youth are serious about throwing off the cloak of ignorance, why are they unwilling to embrace the very thing (education) that has a proven track record for increasing knowledge? Have they digressed to the point that they cannot see what is happening to their grasp of this thing called education? They have to know that they are on a path of self-destruction. It can be argued that they cannot see what is in their future. I refuse to believe this assertion. I refuse to accept the fact that they are so out of touch with reality that they cannot see that much of their lives are being wasted away-wasted away, chasing foolish dreams and following the wrong paths.
Many people, from all walks of life are extremely concerned about the plight of our young folks. They view the pathetic state of many them themselves with disbelief. They wonder how the quest for education has been replaced with baggy britches, false gold teeth, rap music and broken-barely understandably English. Stand back and watch many of them in action. Many cannot speak without lacing the conversation with all kinds of vulgarity. Our young ladies are now speaking in the same manner-talk about unladylike. What is taking place has gone well beyond what is reasonably expected from our young folks. Fact is, much of their behavior borders on absurdity. What is the meaning of absurdity? It means illogical, irrational, ludicrousness or silliness. Convince me that the definition of absurdity does not aptly describe the behavior of too many of our youth. The fact the so many of them are comfortable with their behavior and educational accomplishments is even more disturbing. Something must be done to change the behavior of our youngsters. At this point, it would be easy to give up on them.
Many people see the struggle between parents and mass media for the minds of our children as a hopeless undertaking. They feel that parents are not adequately armed to take on the might of BET, VH1, Rap music, etc. I am convinced that our children, with the help of parents, elders, ministers, schools and industry can get themselves out of the fire that is most certainly consuming them. The gasoline of indifference, insubordination, disrespect, and stupidity must be removed from the equation. It will take time. However, it must be done. The entire nation has a stake in this matter. We will eventually pay a terrible price if we allow our children to slip back into ignorance and become totally uninterested in attaining a quality education. Bottom line-put away the gasoline!

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