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Men Must WANT To Be Men

Not grownup boys

I watch many young black men aimlessly meandering about, seemingly oblivious to what is taking place around them; I wonder what is going on in their heads.  You see many of them making feeble attempts to be different-different in the way they talk, walk and dress.  Considerable effort goes into attracting attention.  Conversation is loud, obnoxious, and vulgar.  Many walk in a manner that is designed to get attention.  Their dress surely gets lots of attention. What is the purpose of walking down the street, dressed in a winter parka, with the hood over one’s head, when the temperature is 95 degrees? The actions of many of our young men just do not make sense.  It appears that reality has escaped them and they are living in a make-believe world. Many just cannot see the lifestyle that those who came before them and chose a life of ignorance and semi-illiteracy are now living.  Do they have any idea why attending school is a requirement? Do they think that schools only exist as a place for them to go hang out with their friends and act a fool? Do they think the main purpose of a school is to have great football and basketball programs? Do they think school is just a place to meet girls?

Entirely too many seem determined to create a lifestyle for themselves that will almost certainly guarantee a life of dependency on others.  There is little or no attempt to prepare for manhood, independence and adulthood.  Many chose to be little boys their entire lives.  Being a momma’s boy use to have a nasty ring to it, and males did not want to be labeled as such.  It now appears to be the in thing.   Mothers accept the role of taking care of grown men and grown men are not ashamed to let their mothers take care of them.  How can this be? Is there no shame?  When did black boys decide that they preferred to be boys forever, and live a parasitic lifestyle?

Fellows, there is a better way. Trust me!  Even though your mothers faithfully take care of your needs, they really want you to grow up and be men.  They wants you to be the kind of men that her daughters would not be embarrassed to bring home to meet the family. 

Sent 06-25-06

Copyright 2006
This commentary written by L.C. Thornton, for The Peoples Voice Black Weekly News
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