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Pardon Us

You do not know what you had until it is gone!

Pardon us, as we sink slowly into a quagmire of ignorance.  Pardon us, as we sink deeper into the hopelessness of the uneducated and uncouth. Pardon us, as we once again, become slaves—slaves to anything that glitters or make us look like buffoons. Pardon us, as we sink to new lows in degeneracy, insolence and stupidity.  Pardon us as we go about the business of destroying our family structure, culture and neighborhoods.  Pardon us, as we go about the business of making our streets unsafe.  Pardon us, as we fill the air and airwaves with deplorable, asinine, vulgar and undignified music.  Pardon us, as our respect for our women, even our mothers, sinks into an abyss.  Pardon us, as our school campuses become battlegrounds in the name of some stupid gang related territorial control.

Pardon, us as we trample on everything that our forefathers and mothers worked so hard and risked their lives to achieve. Pardon us, as we choose not to honor the struggles that they went through to provide a better life for us.  Pardon us, for forgetting about the suffering and tribulations, they suffered when they demanded their rightful place in society.  Pardon us, for replacing heroes such as Booker Washington, George Washington Carver, W.D. Dubois, Martin King and other Civil Rights Icons, with people like Snoop Dog, Usher, Fifty Cent, Ludicrous, Little Bow Wow, Allen Iverson and Nelly. 

Please pardon us. We have lost our way.  We know no other way to behave. We are the product of the persuasion of mass media.  We are persuaded to want to wear clothing that demeans us.  We are persuaded to buy and play music that demeans our entire culture.  We are persuaded to not want an education.  We are persuaded to disrespect our elders—including our parents.  We are persuaded to behave as we are portrayed on television and in newspapers.  

People!  We lost our way when we stopped listening to our elders.  We lost our way when the values they lived by were deemed old fashion and not in vogue.  We lost our way when we started believing that movie stars, professional athletics, and musicians were wiser than the elders of our communities.  We lost our way when getting an education became unimportant and stupidity and ignorance was accepted by the masses. We can now plainly see what it has gotten us.  Whether we want to admit it or not, many of our people are lost—totally lost.

So please, if you will, pardon us, for we know not what we do.

Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2006


Copyright 2006
This commentary written by L.C. Thornton, for The Peoples Voice Black Weekly News
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L.C. Thornton at


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