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Give The Children A Break!

Have they had enough? 

Someone said to me the other day  “It is time that you gave the kids a break. You have been pretty darn hard on them every since you started putting articles in the Voice.”  I told the individual that I would take the request under advisement and respond accordingly.  I figured that first thing I needed to do was look around and see who or what was giving them a break.

I looked at Juvenile Incarceration Institutions. Black youths make up a majority of the population.  I guess the criminal justice system has not gotten around to giving them a break.   I looked at the school dropout rate of Black youth. I guess schools systems have not gotten around to giving them a break. Look at what videos, radio and television expose our youth to. Do you think mass media is giving them a break? I listened to some Rap music.It certainly does not appear that Rap artists are giving them a break.  Look at the apparel that many youth wear.  Do you think that the designers are giving them a break? Look at the Crack dealers, freely and overtly operating in our neighborhoods! Does it look like the Crack man is giving them a break? Look at how STD’s especially AIDS is infecting our black youth. I cannot see for the life of me, how it is giving them a break.  I looked at unemployment statistics. I do not think many employers are bending over backwards to give them a break.  Look at the gangs who make many neighborhoods unsafe for our youth.  Do you think they have considered giving anyone a break? I looked at the behavior of many of our youth.  I do not think that they are giving themselves a break! It would be a stretch of the imagination to arrive at a different conclusion.

After a lot of soul-searching and nosing around, I came to the following conclusion.  I will continue to write in the spirit I have been writing in because; black youth and parents can no longer deny what is happening to our children and what is taking place in our neighborhoods.

Young folks; it is time that you become part of the solution, since you are an integral part of the problem.  It is critical that you stop for a moment and evaluate yourself. Look at your behavior and change the things that you control. It is never too late to begin to exercise self-control over your speech, dress, objectives, attitude, and behavior in general. Give yourself a break!


 Copyright 2006
This commentary written by L.C. Thornton, for The Peoples Voice Black Weekly News
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