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Regression at its worse

Regress means to go back, lose ground, degenerate, retreat, revert, move back, and relapse


As I searched for one word to describe what is apparently happening to the Black community and the inhabitants within, the word regress came to mind. The word regress has several meanings—meanings that fit what is taking place in the black community. Let us look at the degeneration that is taking place. The sheer number of black men who that are incarcerated and are starting a lifelong membership within the criminal justice system is overwhelming.  The number is reaching epidemic proportions. It we are not careful, it will reach the same percentage that were in bondage during slavery.   Just look around-you can see all kinds of regression. Many in the black community have degenerated into panhandling parasites that take every opportunity to prey on other people.  Look at education? Many Blacks are forsaking the ability to read and speak well in favor of some kind of barely intelligible gibberish. Barely recognizable broken English has replaced properly spoken English. Good writing skills is going the way of Hula Hoops.  Far too many blacks have chosen to retreat from normal educational expectations.  Many of today’s Blacks command of the English language are worse than their grandparents. I am talking about grandparents who may have never made it to high school. How is this possible? The answer is simple.  When their grandparents speak, they use grammar obtained from newspapers, periodicals, and other written documents.   Too many of today’s children use the grammar obtained from Rap music and music videos.  It is readily apparent that most do not spend a lot of time reading.  How do we turn the current phenomenon around?  Is it possible to put reading, writing and arithmetic back on the pedestals that they once occupied in the Black community?  It really pains many in the black community to see so many of its children apparently comfortable butchering the English language.  Folks, we are losing ground. We are retreating and moving back– back to the places where our forefathers knew we did not need to be. Our forefathers were willing to risk their lives to take us from where many of today’s Blacks seem comfortable headed back to.


Progress is the opposite of regress. The black community needs to make a commitment to somehow, wrest control of its children from television, shopping malls, rap music and other forms of media and persuasion that have taken control of their little minds.

Copyright 2006
This commentary written by L.C. Thornton, for The Peoples Voice Black Weekly News
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